chaotic mouse agility training

Training four mice of two different species (spiny mice and fancy mice) at once. Visit them on facebook: music: Dancing Willow – The Wind that shakes the Barley

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38 Responses to “chaotic mouse agility training”

  1. teddysweetsful says:

    he cheated~

  2. barrelracer5689 says:

    @ Blake it is not mean its life what are snakes supposed to eat carrots? how would you feel if you couldn’t eat steak because someone thought it was mean you are probably thinking ya but that’s different not really they are both a part of the food chain both die for a good reason at least snakes don’t waist any of there food

  3. nicky kaffa says:

    Echt zielig dat je ratten daar voor eerst iets moeten doen en dan pas eeten krijgen

  4. MouseAgility says:

    Nur einen Tag, dieser Trick ist sehr einfach.

  5. charlenestender says:

    Wie lange hat der trick bei deinen raten gedauert?! 😀

  6. Deèn Von Coalì says:

    come fai ad addestrarli? insegnami please *__________*

  7. SabrinasTVTube says:

    they got it!!!

  8. shannon kent says:

    OMG that is like the cutest thing EVER! :D

  9. Blake Aleksiak says:

    Glad you saved her from being reptile food. I hate when they do that! So mean!

  10. Ashley Jourige says:

    lovely! your spinies are so bug eyed! i wanna teach my two to jump hurdles.

  11. Sweden8990 says:

    Look how adorable! Glad you gave the spiny mice a good home. (And the fancies!)

  12. missayaa says:

    thats so cute :)))

  13. Ioale Kelina says:

    So cute~ They’re like little horses… Especially the brown one :)

  14. Sharonschillyrain says:

    I got my girl from petco, she didn’t have a tail. A little girl was buying a mouse and she kept picking them up by the tails and they bit her so the sale person thook them. The girls mom asked what she was doing with them and she said the ones that they can’t sell are fed to the snakes tto save feed costs,like mice that bite or look different. Right then the girl said “ewww mommy look this one doesn’t have a tail!” So i got mad and ended up coming home with a tailles mouse.

  15. ratttygirl says:

    Soooooo cute <3

  16. BobMyFace1 says:

    I love fancy mice. :3 they’re so cute!

  17. julien74950 says:

    what is the animal with big eyes ?

  18. makaras says:

    0:35 to 0:39 – like getting on a Crane then realising it moves!

  19. makaras says:

    Does that music mean they are Irish mice?

  20. candyapple1441 says:

    @MouseAgility how did you train them?!

  21. oatmeal33917 says:

    Thats so cool! I’ve never seen that before!

  22. jessthesheepy says:

    Spiny mice are SO cute, i had never seen one bfore!

  23. MouseAgility says:

    Because they bit them off. That happens when spiny mice are very distressed, e.g. by a too small enclosure. But they stopped it immediately when they came here (they are from the animal shelter).

  24. Djimi3 says:

    why your spiny mice have no tails?

  25. MouseAgility says:

    Like all the other tricks, with positive reinforcement. But in this case the white mice are not trained at all, this was observational learning!

  26. marquis wells says:

    how do u teach them to do that

  27. eupema1 says:

    Me puedes decir la raza de los ratones mas grande

  28. AshleyPestano729 says:


  29. MouseHoleStudios says:


  30. sweetpinkmanatee says:

    Well it’s a great thing that they have a loving, caring owner now. (:

  31. Daisy Elizabeth says:

    What is the first step for them to start doing this kind of stuff? Like, hopping over things, fetching things, etc. My mouse basically won’t take food out of my hand, runs from my hand in his cage and is VERY hard to catch, please give me all the steps from there leading up to being able to teach them these things please (: ..-Daisy

  32. ScruffyLilPuppy says:

    I wanna let my mice run around in the floor like that but I have a dog that tries to like chase them and bite them my dogs a biter so I can’t do that:(

  33. yafa shayna says:

    oh my gosh! your mice are adorable!!! very smart too! <:

  34. John Tomaselli says:

    white mouse is thinking out side the box. “white rat= just go around you idiots

  35. Noah Rivera says:

    pretty cool

  36. chloecapray says:

    the spiny mice get all the way over!

  37. MouseAgility says:

    One of the mice in this video is the mouse olympics winner – yesterday she ran 9 hurdles in 4 seconds! The video is on my facebook-site. :-)

  38. Sera Morey says:

    Doing better than the olympic hurdlists!

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