Purina Introduces Podcasts for Pet Owners

Purina Introduces Podcasts for Pet Owners

From the “Smart Money Daily” Blog

This is the first example which I am aware of, of a major corporation using Podcasting technology. Purina.com is offering it’s radio programs as podcasts:

Purina’s Animal Advice radio programs are now available as podcasts. Listen in as veterinarians and pet lovers like you discuss topics such as animal training, pet surgery, behavioral theories and pet insurance.

Recognizing the portability advantages of podcasts, Purina has shifted it’s marketing to embrace cutting edge technology. In my mind this creates an image of a company that is paying attention to the world around it, and has the flexibility and responsiveness to be able to adapt. A very healthy sign from a company that large. [Do you work for a big company? Does your CEO know what a podcast is? A blog? Nevermind having them pushed out to the corporate website.]

Also if you’re a pet lover you may want to check out the “barking dog” and “meowing cat” downloadable ringtones. Good fun for the techno-savvy pet owner, and good business for Purina.

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