Big Button Pet Dog Cat Training Clickers, click with wrist bands – 4 Pack, by Pet Supply City

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Big button clickers for clicker training pets, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Nice loud click, not for sensitive animals. Packaged with the Downtown Pet Supply Logo.

Product Features

  • 4 pack Big Button Clickers with wrist strap by Downtown Pet Supply
  • Clicker training is a form of positive training, click and train
  • Easy to use clicker, fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Big button for easy clicking and loud sound
  • Nice loud click, not for sensitive animals

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2 Responses

  1. bsluggy
    | Reply

    My dog learned amazingly fast with these clickers I heard that dogs learn new tricks faster using clicker training than traditional methods (i.e. pushing down their butt and jerking up on the leash to get them to sit). After using these clickers, I agree. I am finding these clickers to be very effective dog training tools.I now feed my dog his breakfast each morning a few kibbles at a time as training rewards. He has learned several new tricks quickly such as spinning in a circle on command, putting his feet up on objects that I point to, jumping over a broomstick, and crawling under the broomstick.I love how this method involves no punishments, only rewards. Rather than being frustrated at my dog for not doing what I’ve asked, I’ve now learned to creatively think of new ways to help him understand what I’d like him to do. It really motivates my dog, and it’s fun for me. I’ve made a list of ~50 new tricks that I want to teach my dog, and I feel that this clicker revolutionized the way I do dog training.I also tried an older metal clicker, and I prefer the plastic Karen Pryor ones that are not harsh-sounding.

  2. LFPV
    | Reply

    Could be slightly louder…. For the most part I am pleased with these clickers. When I purchased them they were $7.99 but did not come with the wrist bands which is a great addition now.They are a comfortable fit in the hand and the button makes it easy to feel and click. The only thing I am not pleased with is the volume. I take my dog to training classes and with the noise level there or outdoors, you can hardly hear the clicker. For that reason I would not purchase again, but will continue to use these in quieter settings, like at home.

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