Betta Fish in the Aquarium

Betta Fish in the Aquarium

By Magne Bjorklund

Betta fish are also known as the Siamese fighting fish or Betta Splendens. The fish actually originated in Cambodia, Thailand and will only grow to about three inches or seven centimeters. These are great pets to have for younger children or just as a first pet. They are not too peculiar about anything, and are not that much upkeep, but most fish aren’t. A good healthy betta will live about two to three years.

However, like most fish, they can get many bacterial infections or funguses growing on them. If you would like a tank of betta fish, you will need to know that males cannot be kept in the same tank. They are extremely jealous and are prone to fight because betta fish are very territorial.

Bettas are semi-aggressive fish so it’s best that you keep them in a tank with appropriate species as well. If you want to mix betta fish will other fish, you should know that betta fish are top dwellers so you will want to mix them with middle and bottom dwellers to give your tank fuller look. Depending on the amount of fish, you will need at least a three-gallon tank for betta fish. However, the more you add to the tank, you will need more water space.

Bettas are very colorful and their fins are very long flowing. Bettas are actually one of the most well-known aquarium fish and range in colors. You will find many betta fish with blues, purples, reds, and even white. To tell the different between the two sexes, you will want to pay close attention to the length of the fins and the colors of the fish. Females are dull and not very colorful and have shorter fins. You will also notice that a healthy female betta will display some horizontal stripes.

Bettas are a freshwater fish, which means you will want to fill the tank with some filtered tap water. In nature, you would find betta fish in rice paddies and shallow ponds or maybe even a slow moving stream. They are use to not having the depth of water, but they key to betta fish knows that they are tropical. In their native lands, the water could often get as high as 85F. Bettas need heat to survive and cannot be in water that is below 75*F. The reason why betta fish are not recommended to be kept in a small bowl is because it’s harder to control the temperature. Small fish bowls heat up quickly, but they lose their heat just as fast. In addition, they need a lot of surface space of the tank because they have special organs that allow them to breath directly from the surface and cannot take in oxygen from the water.

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    For bettas a spacious tank is recommended – about 3 gallons or more, to make the fish life easier 😉 Pet stores sell bowls because they are easier to handle than tanks, and cheaper. Also, a tank requires the water to be changed less often than in a bowl.

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