Best Dog Training video

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

This video shows why the best dog training is always shown around distraction. Just about any dog can do things with nothing around, but taking them out into the real world is what earns professional dog trainers, and professional dog training schools their keep. Amazing Dog Training is…

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. Colgghfgfg
    | Reply

    Fred Hassen is the man at training dogs! Listen to him!

  2. Colemanhf
    | Reply

    Well done on the video!

  3. Saraygro
    | Reply

    I am going to watch all your videos.

  4. Brooklynuhio
    | Reply

    Nice trick of your trade.

  5. Georgeahl
    | Reply

    Fred Hassen is my hero!

  6. Laurenfrg
    | Reply

    Thanks to the videos I know where to start training my dog.

  7. Cartertyr
    | Reply

    I now know where to start when training my dog.

  8. Conanbbhy
    | Reply

    Instruction on this dog training is very important.

  9. solusnoir
    | Reply

    good video, distracting music though.

  10. Jwwardtube
    | Reply

    Lose the music tho

  11. weo1weo1weo1
    | Reply

    is that dog a shepherd pit mix?

  12. fredhassen
    | Reply

    @weo1weo1weo1 Belgian Malinois/Pitbull mix

  13. 0176pao
    | Reply

    ok from Canada …. the dog is obviously hungry ….

  14. magicalcrazyness
    | Reply

    Great mix, two driven breeds, must be very eager to please.

  15. ThKiwi
    | Reply

    Beautiful! I’ve been training my dog with Sit Means Sit for a month now and we already get compliments every time I take him out on how calm and collected he is and how well he pays attention to me.

  16. lifealteringevent
    | Reply

    INCREDIBLE sight to see !! The dog remains 110% focused on the Trainer, TAIL WAGGING all the time !!

  17. HoneybunchBunny
    | Reply

    hungry for balls x]

  18. NickBenger
    | Reply

    Are you using an e-collar?

  19. Kingmaconha
    | Reply

    WOW what kind of toy was fred using?

  20. yvonneost12
    | Reply

    Dogs got ADHD Attention Dad Happy Dog

  21. ElitePatrick
    | Reply

    dude that is one focused dog!! how the hell do you get him to ignore the other dogs?!! my dog is 5 months old, and listens well, knows basic commands, but gets distracted easily.

  22. inteckel
    | Reply

    bonito video

  23. MrPaulus534
    | Reply


  24. StarkidWorkingDog
    | Reply

    ball drive at its best

  25. DuSangBrave
    | Reply

    asome i like very much this work congratulations

  26. Keira
    | Reply

    Wow… Great stuff

    • hart
      | Reply

      It’s like you are mesmerized at the attention the dog has for its trainer! I really liked this video 😀

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