Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Stand & Stay

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn to train your dog to stand and stay in this free dog training video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. HowToGetFreebies
    | Reply

    @NietCri Don’t call him an idiot just because his method didn’t work for you. It works for other people. Its likely you squeezed your dogs flank and caused pain.

  2. HowToGetFreebies
    | Reply

    @chors2341 That’s not true. Dogs do learn from physical manipulation. My dog never took to luring into positions by the use of food rewards, so I always had to physically put her into sits, downs, etc. Eventually she’d do it on her own without prompting.

  3. tfbogdan
    | Reply

    That dog looks scared!

  4. CleanPoison
    | Reply

    i dont believe in this at all……….

  5. anterosan
    | Reply

    jako jako glupo

  6. DestinyRed23
    | Reply

    Omg, this so didn’t work for my dog. I used clicker training and positive reinforcement to teach my dog how to stand. If you would like to know how just message me, but NEVER put you’re arm under the dog like that because not all dogs are comfortable with that kind of handling!!

  7. aelita12345678910
    | Reply

    i can make him sit, i just scream like a maniac and say:STAND THE FUCK DOWN YOU SON OF A WHORE

  8. kenfrancis74
    | Reply

    lame score3 becuase he needs more fun and stuff and for the 3 the reason i say 3 cAUSE HE DOSE HAVE SOMTHIN TO DO WITH HIS DOG BUT THERE HAS TO BE MORE STUFF SO I WUD MAKE THAT A 13 FOR REAL (HIS REAL SCORE)

  9. kenfrancis74
    | Reply

    lame scor 3 haha because he needs more thing sorry for that the score:5 BUT GOOD

  10. kenfrancis74
    | Reply

    y is he fucking his dog by touching the tail leg and at 1:37 that is where he touches his dogs ass dude u dicusting

  11. kenfrancis74
    | Reply

    y is he fucking his dog by touching the tail leg and at 1:27 that is where he touches his dogs ass dude u dicusting made a mistake srry for the first 1

  12. GenocideKommando1
    | Reply

    what the fuck did i just saw at 1:26 ??????

  13. rflindy89
    | Reply

    Wow thank you. Now I know how to caress my dog. did you jerk him off too for being a good boy? this video sucks.

  14. MrTSFunny
    | Reply

    I’m not a fan of EV. I don’t think he done a very good job on this video, but the foul language and ignorant responses some of you fools are responding with are less helpful than this video. A clicker trainer wouldn’t even try this method, so stop talking smack, you didn’t try this. If you did you need more training yourself. Jim, slow down, stop pushing your dog around and call a positive trainer to help you get it right.

  15. Emilio2595
    | Reply

    How do u get it to stop chasing

  16. gt50201
    | Reply

    @Emilio2595 stop running

  17. Emilio2595
    | Reply

    @gt50201 well i guess, but it chases other dogs

  18. CreativeAdDude
    | Reply

    What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Watch.

  19. Warunho
    | Reply

    @NietCri If using this method made it bite, then I do believe that your dog is rather aggressive…

  20. PhantomMidnight
    | Reply


  21. LizzyMcQuier
    | Reply

    omg he can’t even pet the dog normal!

  22. joshua2799
    | Reply

    Not working! >:C

    | Reply

    that’s one awkward way to pet a dog o________o

  24. MrSackboyfan
    | Reply

    :-p. something normal. A little bit different. ‘.’

  25. 3513erik
    | Reply

    next time its different hes gonna touch the dog dick

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