Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Lie Down

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn how to train your dog to lie down on command in this free video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

What do you think?

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17 Responses

  1. daxter470
    | Reply

    I can get my dog to lie down with the treat but not without it. any advice?

  2. rrajdowiec
    | Reply

    Yes. Make your dog lie down showing a treat, when the dog is lying give him a treat and at the same time say “good dog, good boy, etc.”, you should stroke your dogs head after you give a treat. Next command your dog to lie down with showing a treat, but don’t give him a treat, just say “good boy” and stroke. The rule is simple: 1/3 “good boy”, stroke, treat; 2/3 “good boy”, stroke. Then 1/4 “good boy”, stroke, treat; 3/4 without treat.

  3. rrajdowiec
    | Reply

    In flow of time give him less treat, but remember to always give him a price. Even if it’s only verbal price.
    An advice for you: give your dog a reward only with your left hand, with verbal word (ex. “eat”), right hand is
    forbidden. Don’t give him a treat saying “don’t” , “no”, etc., when he won’t take a treat from right hand, give him from left hand (with verbal command) twice of a treat. The dog will think that when he won’t take a treat from his left side, he will take doubled from left 😉

  4. rrajdowiec
    | Reply

    […] he will take doubled from RIGHT 😉
    Sorry my mistake. Forgive me my english. I don’t use it too much.
    TIP: Learning your dog to eat from left hand with a verbal command should avoid poisoning your dog. Most people is right-handed 😉

  5. aaurantia
    | Reply


    Don’t use positive reinforcement training techniques.

    If you would like to teach your dog how to _ignore_ food and pay attention to _you_ without the use of ANY corrections, luring, or e-collars, I urge you to Google “Chris Bach’s THE THIRD WAY”

    It is a revolution in Dog Training.

    Hopefully, for the sake of our dogs, everyone will be using The Third Way soon! 🙂

  6. mastud
    | Reply

    I cant see this working with my dog but i’ll certainly give it a go.

  7. eim832
    | Reply

    What if I am making the L and he won’t go down i’m doing it the right way

  8. threebuttocks
    | Reply

    What if my dog has already bitten off my fingers and I can’t make an L?

    | Reply

    try a different breed!! ffs! They always use the easiest breed to train!

  10. kpg182
    | Reply

    this guy sucks

  11. blueberry3569
    | Reply

    thank u i no how to make my dog sit

  12. FMcD
    | Reply

    @IMOZZA I have a german shepherd and shes not exactly the easiest to train, people think they are because they’re intelligent, but if a puppy is untrained, shes gunna be alot more hyperactive than other dogs and destracted alot more

  13. IMOZZA
    | Reply

    gsds are easy to train

  14. michellemcbx
    | Reply

    Mines just gave me her paw. Its a lost cause

  15. MusicRokagal1011
    | Reply

    it doesn’t work for my dog.. 🙁 when i do the L shape she just watches the treat and doesn’t walk to it or go down. please help- reply by sending me a message

  16. LilMissAmyob
    | Reply

    it would be more helpful if you used a dog that didn’t already know the trick

  17. koolxboxkid
    | Reply

    Lmao @ LilMissAmyob

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