This video is a brief introduction into basic obedience. Obedience is the fundamental means of communication with any animal. Through obedience training your dog will learn what, when and how to do what your asking.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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12 Responses

  1. Austin Hampton
    | Reply

    A couple things 1 look up aloof it does not mean not aware… lol it's the opposite. 2 Rosco is obese! Lol not so many treats.

  2. Greys
    | Reply

    LET ME GUESS. This video is being DEMONETIZED by youtube coz of the ass word. heh.

  3. Arno Stander
    | Reply

    The dog he uses here…is it a bully or pitbull ?

  4. Game bee's
    | Reply

    My Dog died 2 days Ago!

  5. Kingston king
    | Reply

    Great video!

  6. Sweet BeautyBerry
    | Reply

    My boy Diesel wouldn't do so well with the stay cammand, he feels he has to follow me everywhere I go lol

  7. Larry Medina
    | Reply

    The dog has been getting too many treats.

  8. Chris Rosario
    | Reply

    Since you’re a proponent of a raw diet, what kind of high value treats do you use during your training sessions??

  9. Greg Freyre
    | Reply

    What kind of treat do you recommend?

  10. Pat Claude
    | Reply

    So much negativity…some people just can't stay focus…elementary

  11. mixumup1
    | Reply

    Where im from we just punk our dogs since puppies and show whos boss, they pick up everything on their own if you show who is pack leader, if you dont kick their ass and pin them they will grow up and test your alpha status

  12. Almighty Alious
    | Reply

    such a beautiful beast

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