Barrel Training: Teaching Your Horse to Maneuver

Hey guys! I hope this video helped on teaching your horse to learn to maneuver around the barrel. Your horse will need to know this if you want him to make good turns. Just practice going up in gaits and back down until you and your horse are confident that you know he can get around that barrel without getting confused, disengaged, or knock down the barrel. I hope this helped, thanks for watching, remember to comment, rate, and SUB!!
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30 Responses

  1. Hannah Steffes
    | Reply

    Bitlesssss! Get it girll!

  2. JasRielle Deffebaugh
    | Reply

    Um um um I disagree..

  3. Rainbow Unicorn
    | Reply

    um um um um um um um um um um um

  4. Randy Hankins
    | Reply

    BRIDLE not hackamore​

  5. Mayleigh
    | Reply

    I love your channel, I hate bits and you use the same tack as i do πŸ™‚ Finally someone who REALLY understands horses, I really like Think Like Horse too lol

  6. Spilling Tea
    | Reply

    If u said makayla that's my name

  7. Avery Wingfield
    | Reply

    IMO, your inside leg should be directly behind the cinch to bend the ribcage and your outside leg should be further back, asking for their ass to move in.

  8. Madeline Sorensen
    | Reply

    I have not been barrel racing before. My best friend has been in the rodeo a long time! And she's trying to get me to do it, but I don't know how. I'm actually pretty interested in it. I want to try. But am I too late to start rodeo at my age? I'm 13.

  9. RedCloud56
    | Reply

    soooooo many um's I counted 15 in the first min

  10. My Horse
    | Reply

    very interesting video!!I like it take a look and subscribe back if you want

  11. _jules_
    | Reply

    can you do more barrel videos?

  12. Lucy Zebrayard
    | Reply

    I disagree with the outside leg all the outside leg is gunna do it push their ribcage inwards and makes their body turn out . The inside leg makes their body bend around the barrel

  13. Madysen Bradley
    | Reply

    um,um,um,um,um annoying

  14. Caitlin Kall
    | Reply

    sugar is really well trained. πŸ™‚

  15. Madison Claire
    | Reply

    I have been barrel racing for a little and you wanna pick the horses inside shoulder up as it goes around the barrel that will teach the horse to plant the but and MOVE the front end. and please. it messes with my OCD POINT YOUR TOES IN!!

  16. Amber McNerney
    | Reply

    awesome video (:

  17. The wicked_gamer13
    | Reply

    I'm sad 😿😿 my horse won't even come up to me I call her name she comes to me but when I try pet her she pulls away and has her ears backπŸ˜” I know her baby is still with her and he is almost 4 I think her foal is the problem. I wanted to ride my horse this summer. but the other horses I think are trying to avoid her from bonding with me. if we try separate her or the Colt, all of the horses will freak out and escape. I love horses I tried to bond with her but what's the use 😞

  18. Haley O'Maley
    | Reply

    Awesome video. I think it's great that you can do it in a halter and use a hackamore for your runs. That's all I use my horse in so great job πŸ™‚

  19. Trancy Booty
    | Reply

    just the first 5 seconds of the video omg

  20. Ashlen Robinson
    | Reply

    Tips for everyone: tip their nose toward the barrel slightly, use your inside foot to put pressure to moe there ribcage to bend around it also called arching, sit down as well

  21. Ashlen Robinson
    | Reply

    if you are putting pressure from the outside leg that will bring them in putting pressure on the inside leg with push them out…..

  22. Maddy Yepez
    | Reply

    You did a really good job, a lot of ums lol but over all a good job

  23. MoonLight Mystique
    | Reply

    Great video. Do you use a verbal cue while approaching the barrel along with the weight in saddle – in competition .. If so, what cue do you use

  24. Tina Welch
    | Reply

    I disagree with the leg pressure though…everyone I know uses inside leg for the horse to bend in an arc around the barrel.Β  It doesn't have the effect that you describe.

  25. HorseHeavenLover
    | Reply

    Where did you get your saddle and how much was it?

  26. Lexie Edwards
    | Reply

    When is the best point to sit deep in your seat to prepare for the turn?

  27. Bla bla bla Bla bla bla
    | Reply

    You should make a video showing how to grab and maneuver the reins in the right way, it would help me a lot :'(((

  28. snow emanon
    | Reply


  29. Lilylove792
    | Reply

    This helped a lot! I always got confused on which leg to push in. Thanks so much!

  30. Grace Robards
    | Reply

    Omg thank you so much im a new rider to barrel racing. I haven't rode in five tears and finally my momma agreed to getting me a horse (which isn't trsined in barrels yet) your a great help

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