Barking- Episode 3 – barking on a walk -dog training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This is the third episode in the series of Barking. In this episode I will show you the beginning exercises on how to teach your dog not to bark on a walk. Stay tuned and Subscribe to see other exercises that are very useful for reactive dogs and dogs that are hyperactive. All these exercises benefit ANY dog, not just fearful, reactive or aroused dogs. These same exercises are GREAT for dogs with little impulse control, the kind of dog that wants to pull towards everything on a walk. ———————– When a dog becomes aroused or reactive, it is due to chemicals being released by the brain, effecting the dogs behavior. Not only does a dogs behavior change because of these chemicals and stress hormones, but their heart beat, respiration, and blood flow will change too. Jerking a dogs neck will not reduce these chemicals, instead it will INCREASE them. Barking can be reinforcing, so the more a dog is allowed to bark the more likely they will continue barking in the future. When you and your dog are surprised on a walk and your dog starts to bark, simply say “Let’s Go” and move briskly in the opposite direction. You can use this cue whenever you change direction unexpectedly or need to move from an area that is causing your dog to be over their threshold. Here are some tips: 1-when on a walk cross the street to set your dog up for success 2-If you have a very fearful or reactive dog, simply change the direction of your walk when you see something your dog wont be able

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. RescueCadetsUSA
    | Reply

    OMG this was so incredibly helpful! My dog Abbey has ALWAYS been reactive on walks and I’ve never known what to do to stop it. This tutorial was TONS of help. I’m going to start training it. That Canadian Husky is GORGEOUS, btw.

  2. DarkandJaded
    | Reply

    My dog doesn’t lunge, he growls, barks and is scared and nervous. will this work for him? He’s a 6 year old mini Schnauzer.

  3. mozzerella23
    | Reply

    Thank you for doing this video. I have a rescue Patterdale Terrier she’s very well trained in the house, but when outside can be reactive to other dogs she doesn’t know. I’ve had her to training classes 3 times a week for 6 months and although she’s fine at training she still reacts out and about. I’m really hoping implementing this into her training I can finally make her more relaxed around dogs without her feeling so anxious all the time. I’ll see if I can get some before and after vids done.

  4. RescueCadetsUSA
    | Reply

    I used this method and I was so happy with the results. Abbey has become MUCH less reactive. I used Abbey as my Guinea Pig, but I am going to use these exercises for my mom’s dog Bella who has some social issues.

  5. Siribhun
    | Reply

    “anxious owners who panic when their dogs bark” lol!! my mom is like that.

  6. CaticalCorrectness
    | Reply

    What do YOU think about this?

    “Dog Whisperer: Calm Down! ”
    (Can’t leave the URL)

  7. TheApril612
    | Reply

    what is that ” click” thing and where do you buy it?thnx

  8. Sexyav22
    | Reply

    @TheApril612 u can get them from most pet stores like petsmart or petco. They are only a few dollars. Thats where i got mine from

  9. recordsep
    | Reply

    how do i train my husky not to pull when we wal i say no, no pull stop pulling dont pull and he doesnt i even try giving a little tug and he jus keeps it up

  10. AtoutCanin
    | Reply

    Thak you so much for this vidéo !
    I’m a french dog educ specialized in Clicker Training to.
    And all you vidéos are so good and weel done, it is a pleasure !

  11. april104ful
    | Reply

    Where do I get get that kind collar or halter

  12. gimkilo57
    | Reply

    If more people would watch these videos, Cesar Milan would lose his job…

  13. greatwavesca
    | Reply

    @gimkilo57 If only!!!!

  14. greatwavesca
    | Reply

    I’m a fan of “force free” and clicker training. BUT.. we are often joined by 1 or 2 other nice dogs. Especially the black lab girl is a bad influence for barking and lunging and it seems like, besides the physical challenge of trying to turn around 2 lunging dogs, that my dog’s training goes out the window as he joins in and behaves as he would not otherwise.

  15. tiger6532
    | Reply

    is that a full white german shepard? My cousins have one and I have a jackchi

  16. SDCmorg
    | Reply

    I have a bit complication. The pup’s parents thought it good idea to teach their pup to bark while I was off. Came back to sit the dog, and now he barks all the time at just about anything and when he wants something (’cause they’ve been giving him treats for barking for their amusement). Taking him out to walk and he barks when he hears or sees something move. I’ve been clicking & treating when he doesn’t bark. Seems calmer after 2 days, but it’s slow going. :o(

  17. mustangirlie121
    | Reply

    My dog Max, he is so smart (Being as he is a Border Collie), but very agressive. He’s alot better about other dogs now. We can now go on walks and he plays with the other dogs we meet. But he is still… Not exactly agressive towards people… He acts real sweet and suddenly barks really loud.. It doesn’t bother people who know about dogs, they just say that if the dog bites them they can handle him. And I’m scared he’s gonna bite a kid. What can I do to cure this?

  18. rozwatkins1
    | Reply

    Thanks! Your videos are great! I have done a lot of clicker training with horses but am new to dogs and your videos are a fantastic help!

  19. MsZoraZ
    | Reply

    My dog has such long fur and looks stupid in a harness…

  20. lalalaMUSIClalala2
    | Reply

    @kikopup i have a question… know how you said that you shouldn’t ever leave the dog by the fence where it can see passing people and dogs? well my dog (3 yr old lab) is outside a lot and she can easily see everything through the fence and she barks A TON! what can i do to fix this problem? (my dog has to be outside a lot because i go to school and she cant be inside the house 24/7)

  21. 01stanbk
    | Reply

    Were to you start with a large dog that barks and pulls when they see another dog or human. My dog is very strong and i have two they seems to ege each other on and i oftain get pulled over if I try to stop them, they only bark if i’m holding them back if i let them pull they are less likely to bark, they are very friendly and love people but it’s just to much. I find I don’t have the same problem when they are off the lead beocuse they will gladly come back when I call.

  22. evermorex15
    | Reply

    my dog is big and quite strong. i hate walking him b/c he barks at everything (e.g. lst wk he barked at a statue of a deer lol what was up with dat? a statue? queer!) i bought a harness and i’m also using two leash; the short leash (from his back) is the main leash, but i use a long one (coming from his chest) to push his body in my direction. spring is coming up and i really want to exercise with him again, but how can stop his aggression towards dogs? i might try your trick but…

  23. mktillg
    | Reply

    I love (back-clipping) harnesses; they can make walking even an extremely difficult dog much easier and more pleasant for both of you. Plus, they seem more comfortable than collar-walks. Even if a harness doesn’t exactly look flattering on your particular dog, you may find that the benefits are very worthwhile.

  24. XPetiePieX
    | Reply

    lol my dogs just piss themselves of happieness* and excitement

  25. 102anya
    | Reply

    i love the dog is it yours?

  26. aaron jones
    | Reply

    Dog lovers will probably be happy to visit this blog post. It is good that wherever they are in the world, they can watch this online video. It can probably help them with how to train their dogs.

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