Baby Scottish Fold cat: cute munchkin kitten! Fat cats, pampered celebrity pets

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

*** WIN a modern cat scratcher *** from pet furniture company Marmalade! Visit La Carmina’s blog – – to enter the contest. Good luck and thanks for watching! Ah, the life of a cute, short, baby Scottish Fold. ^^ Celebrity cat Basil Farrow – – charms us with his adorable antics. He stands up on his hind legs, demands tummy rubs, chases a Sega Zhu Zhu robot hamster, lounges on his fancy chair… doesn’t he look like a stuffed teddy bear? In the video, I talk about distinctive Scottish Fold behaviors, the only two things that scare Basil Farrow, and “truths about cats” that don’t apply to him! You can see more cute photos of Scottish Folds on his blog *** VISIT BASIL’S BLOG! See more cute kitty pictures: *** ADD HIM ON FACEBOOK! Search for “Basil Yuen Farrow” – FOR MORE LA CARMINA + BASIL FARROW Look out for her new J-popbooks, Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants and Cute Yummy Time. for more info. Visit her daily BLOG – – for Gothic Lolita fashion photos / Japanese pop culture / kawaii! ^__^ Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Carmina’s videos and add her on… – MySpace: – Twitter: – Facebook (search for La Carmina) and join her mailing list! —

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. maldarasanu
    | Reply

    beautiful cat

  2. heyitsmejacob
    | Reply


  3. itzblacknred
    | Reply

    Why would i wanna strangel this innocent being? :)) It’s so cute :))

  4. brockjoker88
    | Reply

    Your a retard it’s called a fold because of it’s ears you dumb fuck

  5. elinheartstristin
    | Reply

    i love fat cats

  6. krewkid09
    | Reply

    @brockjoker88 she said that… if dont have anything good to say dont even bother to say anything at all.

  7. brockjoker88
    | Reply

    Well maybe she should know correct terms of cats cuz she is stupid

  8. xonessox
    | Reply

    hes so pudgy and cute i just wanna snuggle him!

  9. myotis58
    | Reply

    WTF….what are you feeding your cat? stop killing your cat!! such a fat cat!!

  10. RichardMakzel1994
    | Reply

    its soooo cute and fat i love your cat. <3

  11. tonybelf
    | Reply

    does he sit down like a buddha?

  12. Emiilyyx221
    | Reply

    Aha *pauses*…doesn’t he look like a teddy bear?

  13. ilovefoldie
    | Reply

    so cute!!! kawaii!!

  14. RichardMakzel1994
    | Reply

    i like your voice, i wanna hear you moan.

  15. Ghoulchus
    | Reply

    Milyen pici, cuki fülei vannak ^^

  16. teenkid123
    | Reply

    awww such a cute cat X3

  17. kittyninja123
    | Reply

    When cats “wag” their tail, it doesn’t mean they are happy. They could be slightly irritated. I <3 Basil Farrow!

  18. kittyninja123
    | Reply

    This cat is overweight! It is bad for his health. You should play with him more, and put him on a special diet. But he is still cute!

  19. kittyninja123
    | Reply

    U should not feed him so many treats! He is fat! sry 4 all the comments. I must admit, basil is adorable!

  20. GotLove4MyShoes
    | Reply


  21. 1XCrystalX1
    | Reply

    he seems just like my cat, even though mines a tabby… i guess my cats just weird? your cats really cute 🙂

  22. agosnadiJB
    | Reply

    it´s so fat and cute, i wanna touch itt! ahaahah adorable

  23. RealtorNatasha
    | Reply

    can you comment on how you trained your Basil to only scratch the cat scratcher?
    thank you!

  24. MegaBlackHawk199
    | Reply

    so cute

  25. MegaBlackHawk199
    | Reply

    @kittyninja123 i did not know that and i have 2 overweight cats, and one other one that is not as overweight.

    cool fact

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