Baby Kitten Ninja Training – Furball Pet Friends

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Watch more episodes of Kitten Catchers at Furball Pet Friends – Kitten Catchers – Nala’s 4 week old kittens practice their best moves for ninja kitten training. More Super Cool Cat Video’s – Furball Fables extra tags Kitty in Dixie cup kitten cat cute funny meow kittens cats playing pet “funny cats” lolcats lolcatz “lol cats” “lol catz” haha crazy cool animals pets KITTEN in Hamster Ball stuck in the middle KITTEN in Hamster Ball stuck in the middle

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. NiteStarGirl
    | Reply

    They are the sweetest little babies 🙂

  2. sumame47
    | Reply

    Cute, cute, cute!!! I’m dyin here!!!

  3. powerpuff250387
    | Reply

    OMG this is all kinds of cute!

  4. joshfuller21
    | Reply

    hahaha awwww sooo adorable u should upload this to votemyvid com and get ur friends to vote for u

  5. scifi707
    | Reply

    LOL too cute!!

  6. Kippz214
    | Reply

    That was so adorable.

  7. rookiewanter
    | Reply


  8. beekalmer
    | Reply

    Kitten heaven!

  9. Smileyss100
    | Reply

    I love the first white one! so cute!

  10. luki2525
    | Reply

    what`s that song?????

  11. jessicarh87
    | Reply

    Ok now I have to go break something or be a bitch to someone because that just melted my heart..

  12. KarsonCoker
    | Reply

    NEW AND CUTE!!! “World’s Cutest Dog (Eating An Apple)” WATCH NOW!!!

  13. dinymomo
    | Reply

    0.29 thats not a ninja move thats a bitch slap

  14. jensi18
    | Reply

    omg I just puked rainbows

  15. booyaa123342
    | Reply

    2 diislikes…. i odda find you and slap you silly with kittens

    | Reply

    the owner should really give them a better place to sleep instead of a towel and a box… and i wonder what would happens when it rains on the cardboard.. where would they sleep?

  17. Furballfables
    | Reply

    @TURTLEPOOPOO these kittens r feral cats. you can see their whole story on Kitten Catchers on this channel.
    We will trap the whole family in about 2 weeks when the kittens are 8 weeks old and we can spay MOm Nala.
    Then we will adopt the kittens to good homes!

  18. DarkenEssence
    | Reply

    Lol @ :45
    “Uhh… I’ll just beat up the door flap.”

  19. cutekittens6
    | Reply


  20. sandrateager
    | Reply

    Hehe…So CUTE! ♥

  21. 123Elaptela
    | Reply

    Cat Of Duty

  22. megzvidzyeah13
    | Reply

    AWWWww :3

  23. yoshikitana
    | Reply

    they are so sweet

  24. LuigiTheHeadcrab
    | Reply

    that was bad ass

  25. AvengeOrVengeance
    | Reply

    i just died of cuteness

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