Baby Ferret For Sale? Why adopt a Pet Ferret Learn how to choose a baby ferret for sale. Discover proper ferret toys. Train your ferret to stop nipping and biting.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Monkey7445 says:

    where would you find a cat in the hat outft like in the beginning in the
    video for a ferret?

  2. angeljen808 says:

    I bought my ferret for 50 euros in a pet store. But she was what I call a
    default ferret. She died very young and there was nothing I could do =(

  3. DarkStaR FactoryZector says:

    Ferrets are Expensive D: ama get rats from the garbage they are way cheaper

  4. i love ferrets. i have one named tickles, and looking to get her someoone
    to play with <3

  5. silverroan1889 says:

    I also didn’t know about the common diseases (cancers) MOST of them will
    get in their lifetime. I remember the first one we had to put to sleep due
    to adrenal disease. We let her go until she seemed to be uncomfortable, we
    also tried some chemo. It is the saddest thing to have to do. First one I
    had to make that choice. The first two died on their own, on the way to the
    vet. And I just pts two more not even 3wks apart. And those two were litter
    buddies for their whole lives. Hard every time

  6. HollyPhantomOpera says:

    In England ferrets are like 5 pounds haha

  7. Jacob Smith says:

    and they BITE

  8. justinge999 says:

    OMG how could you trade a pet?

  9. silverroan1889 says:

    This isn’t much of an informational video rather than a promotional video
    on just the cute things about ferrets. The problem is people getting
    ferrets and not doing their homework! This leads to total chaos in your
    home! I didn’t do much research when I got #1, I wish I had. I didn’t know
    ferrets are near impossible to 100% potty train, fact. They will use them
    or they will go right by them or where ever they want! I didn’t know how
    destructive they can be, carpet sharks is just 1 nickname!

  10. Sway Caulder says:

    Enjoy your diseases. Comparing ferrets to rats just shows your ignorance
    when it comes to ferrets.

  11. silverroan1889 says:

    And the natural body oils producing due to shampooing irritating the skin
    is what will make that ferret smell! You should also pay attention to their
    feet! They can get dirty going in and out of the litter box. I wash their
    feet every 2 days or when I notice they are really dirty. Shallow water in
    the tub is good enough, let them walk around and use a wash cloth to rub
    their feet, soap isnt necessary. They also wipe their butts on the ground
    as soon as they are done going potty.

  12. SpiritHunterTheWolf says:

    so tomorrow or the next day……i am not allowed a ferret but soon

  13. silverroan1889 says:

    This is not a very good educational video on why you should get a ferret as
    a pet. Good effort though. But I get serious when talking ferrets anywhere,
    face to face, phone, internet.

  14. Skittywolf says:

    @claytonl2010 Nerp……. America never changed our measuring like that….
    it’s like $200 dollars for a ferret here and idk what pounds are measured
    by e_0″

  15. LozziieeLauren says:


  16. jimmymagnum07 says:

    @paintballking11 wow, in england you can get them easily for £5 :p

  17. wastedgeneration1000 says:

    ferrets rock

  18. silverroan1889 says:

    They require regular grooming of nail trimming & ear cleaning about every
    week and a half/two weeks. They do have their own smell to them! MUSKY
    smell! I love it! Bathing a ferret requires little. You can simply give
    them a water bath every 2weeks or once a month. Using shampoos will
    irritate their skin and cause natural body oils to produce. You MUST KEEP
    THEIR NAILS TRIMMED! Or it WILL be painful for them to walk! Their nails
    should never touch the ground as they naturally walk!

  19. Trey Kennedy says:

    You’re completely right about the different species thing. But not all
    ferrets aren’t cuddly! In fact, only one of the four ferrets I’ve cared for
    didn’t like being held.

  20. MakiMaki962047 says:

    I just got my ferret on Saturday, and I learned that more ferrets are
    cuddle bugs than I thought. xD He fell asleep in my arms several times. :)

  21. silverroan1889 says:

    Remember there are such things as FERRET MILLS just like PUPPY MILLS and
    when you buy from a pet store you are contributing to the problem of ferret
    mills. There are so many ferrets in shelters across the United States that
    need homes. (I can’t speak for Europe but I imagine it is the same.) All of
    mine, total of 12 have been adopted or rescued. One rescue from a backyard
    in the middle of summer with no water locked in a dog kennel on a picnic
    table. She is now 5 years old super smart and a joy.

  22. Ari Sabag says:

    Mine cost 1

  23. Tristan Johnson says:

    @623jrs not hard

  24. MakiMaki962047 says:

    Funny thing about that picture is that it’s a black footed ferret, which is
    a wild animal. Far different from the critters kept as pets. Polecats,
    minks, otters, and ermines are NOT FERRETS. THEY’RE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT
    ANIMALS. As a matter of fact, very FEW ferrets are actually cuddly.
    Wriggling away is fine – they’d much rather play than be held. If you
    reward the ferret as soon as they stop biting, then they figure out, “If I
    bite, I get a treat!” so this also encourages biting.

  25. vanillaice4530 says:

    if you have ferrets for sale ill buy one or trade you one for my beardie
    about 2 yrs old.

  26. silverroan1889 says:

    Pay attention to what litters you use and also foods. They CANNOT digest
    fruits or vegetables! Dont even give as treats! Peanut butter for a treat
    is fine! They are carnivores and require a protein based diet and LOW
    carbs. No dairy or sugar! Sugar is linked to pancreatic cancer (insulinoma,
    an all-too-common killer) and ferrets are lactose intolerant.

  27. Ari Sabag says:

    $150 sry

  28. MrMaxwell2010 says:

    Unless you have the ferret de-clawed you will regret having one..

  29. lewis clayton says:

    ferrets cost us round 15 pound in england

  30. silverroan1889 says:

    9-10 year lifespan might be stretching it. The American ferret averages a
    lifespan of 5-8 years. A healthy one without the usual cancers can live
    9-10 years. Most American ferrets at some point will develop cancers. The
    two most common are adrenal disease and insulinoma. These are genetic. Ive
    dealt with a lot of both, its very sad and very EXPENSIVE! When you are
    thinking about getting a ferret you need to do your research and realize
    you will most likely have expensive vet bills down the road.

  31. yahootj450 says:

    Thanks this really helped im getting a ferret this coming thursday or

  32. noobslaya111 says:

    @HollyPhantomOpera So, the American pet stores have been cheating us eh?

  33. LyleVertigo says:

    Volume is too low :/

  34. ally soares says:

    i have a gorgouse little ferret named lola

  35. silverroan1889 says:

    The American Ferret is also considered an Elder at the age of 3. They are
    also natural tunnelers and your carpet isn’t safe! Especially when there
    are closed doors in their way. Ferret proofing is a must before you adopt a

  36. Tristan Johnson says:

    @claytonl2010 i got mine for 99$ iololo

  37. Stephanie Loren says:

    aww, i wish that my parents were like you! you want a ferret? ok, just take
    care of it. u make it sound SO easy!

  38. Kyle Kelliher says:

    I tried to get a ferret from a shelter, but I couldnt because im not 21.
    so, I went to the pet store and got a baby ferret. I spent 400 bucks total.
    I think he is as happy as a ferret can be…

  39. Sway Caulder says:

    It is NOT easy. Caring for ferrets takes time and patience and most
    importantly KNOWLEDGE. It’s not something you just decide to do one day.
    Before you even think of stepping foot in a pet store or shelter, you
    should RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! That’s what we did before we got our
    first and it saved us (And him!) a lot of trouble and pain. Know about your
    ferret before you take on the responsibility of loving and most importantly
    CARING for him.

  40. silverroan1889 says:

    In conclusion: Please DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! They are cute to death but
    there is so much information to know! Ferrets are NOT LIKE CATS! If this is
    your way of thinking think again! Recliners while ferrets are out is a no
    no! They can me smushed inside! Also becareful when they are on the couch
    they dont fall, they have been known to be paralyzed from falling off
    couches. Call a local vet that SPECIALIZES in these guys & get as much
    information as you can before you even open your wallet!

  41. Sway Caulder says:

    Loki isn’t declawed. I don’t regret having him.

  42. danielanimales1 says:

    @raducumikey please tell me if is that a cost of a ferret?please tell me
    where do u live??is 20 bucks the cost of the ferret?

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