Attention Lousy Pet Photographers In The NY Tri State Area – Do You Want To Be On TV?

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I received an email today:

Hi HART! We are doing a segment next week focused around people and their pets, and tips on how to photograph them better. I know that you must have lots of pet-loving connections through this site. We would love to feature anyone that you think might be interested in is in the NY Tri State Area, and are looking to lock everything in today. Can you please pass this along to your readers? Thanks!

Having trouble photographing your pets?

* Do you have a really cute cat or precious pooch, but no matter how much you are snapping away you just can’t seem to capture their adorableness on camera?

* Are you constantly chasing them down with a camera, only to get a picture of their paws or tails wagging away?

* Does your pet’s portrait need a serious redo? Are they gone in a flash before you click and you can’t get them to pose for even a second?

If you are having trouble capturing your furry, fuzzy or feathered friend’s personality and need our expert’s tips on how to make a lasting memory of your amazing pet, we want to hear from you ASAP! Please contact Emma with stories and pictures at and you can be on TV NEXT WEEK!

Do Your Pet Pictures Look Like This?


Or Do Your Pet Pictures Look Like This?


If you will be in NY Tri State area next week, feel free to take advantage of this offer! Although, I suspect if your pictures look more like our Maxxie picture above – you’re doing just fine with a camera! However, if your pet pictures look like similar to my picture of Sophie … DEFINITELY get in touch with this TV show and show them your goods (or rather, your “bads” :D )

…. and tell them HART from sent ya! // Thanks!

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