Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue Vick Dog Reveal at All or Nothing

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue Vick Dog Press Conference 1/25/08 Michael Vick’s Fighting Dogs Now Safe With “International Tattoo Artist of the Year”! Michael Vick may be doing time, but three of his dogs are free at last, and enjoying their first taste of living in an Atlanta based foster care program. The home of the Atlanta Falcons is also home to the All Or Nothing Rescue , founded by world renown tattoo artist Brandon Bond. The organization has already rescued more than 200 pit bulls from all around the Southeast. So far, the Michael Vick dogs are adjusting to their new lives better and faster than Bond and his organization even expected. All or Nothing rescue works closely with the Georgia SPCA and are combining forces to insure the safety and training of these gorgeous animals. The expenses of rehabilitating the dogs, at least one of which was heavily scarred from fighting, will be paid by the convicted former Atlanta Falcon. Michael Vick has been court ordered to cover the costs related to the rehabilitation of the surviving dogs removed from his property after a large dog fighting ring was discovered in 2007. According to Brandon Bond, who manages to take time from being one of the world’s most sought after tattoo artists to save Pit Bulls, these “bully breeds” are nearly always immediately euthanized after being confiscated from the people who fight them, even though he says he has not met a single one that did not turn

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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16 Responses

  1. dirtydodger

    this is awesome.

  2. Holegria

    May these animals know only love and joy for the remainder of their lives. Bless you all for helping them.

  3. Gretadavon

    I am working with people who think that Vick was given a short deal . . .(he didn’t kill a person)how do equal that of a dog . . .how do I answer that. . . Comments I hope will be positive . . .Thanks!

  4. nicufluf

    i would tell that fighting animals for sport is even more cruel than killing them….

  5. upstreammiami


  6. almost108432

    micheal vick is a fricken fag
    poor dogs who were hung and killed
    i saw it on espn and i cried

  7. gigwriter

    1) there have been plenty of studies done showing that serial killers & others who torture animals, do graduate to harming human beings. 2)when you look at what was done to these animals you have to look very hard at this person; he was a role model for children, he influenced people to perpetuate & participate in a felony activity that the FBI links with drug dealing & other crimes that harm people 3)anyone who thinks what was done to these sentient creatures is not so bad…can Heil Hitler.

  8. LilyTails

    thanks for posting

  9. ar4216

    Vick had dogs doused with water and electrocuted, he used a nylon rope nailed to a tree to hang dogs, he drowned dogs, he slammed dogs to the ground in a effort to break their backs, he used a “rape stand” on them, he even had family pets thrown into the ring with pit bulls because (according to the official USDA report) he thought it was “funny” to watch them get torn apart. This is only some of the twisted shit he did. Those dogs looked up to Vick & all they got in return was hell on earth.

  10. ohworldgirl

    If you can cry for these poor dogs then you need to cry for the chicken, pig, cow and fish on your fork too.
    How hypocritical is it of you – who instead of living your life as a vegetarian – choosing to contribute to the mass-slaughter of animals to toss on your dinner-plate. Both actions are unnecessary. If u eat meat, u can’t continue to condemn a man whose gone and completed his punishment and now has to make a living in his profession. If he’s a “f*g – you are one too – that’s just truth

  11. ohworldgirl

    I don’t think cruelty can be weighed out like what you did. It’s all cruel and hypocritical.

  12. ohworldgirl

    The type of torture you talking about is different. The torture is like burning animals purposely, focusedly causing them pain and making that pain your sole focus. That’s a difference in intention – then wanting to see dogs fight. Not saying it isn’t wrong but there’s a short difference in seeing a dog fight & then watching cage fighting on cable – it’s a reach-attempt on your part just try to make this man look worse than he already has looked.

  13. theamazingplant2

    yesp. i love truth-tellers like you. most people are ignorant, finally someone who has sense

  14. morganmore6

    God bless you man!!!!!

  15. tp3823

    OMG what are you saying??? He is a bad person and anyone that hurts a animal like that should get the same treatment that he did to them. Are you out of your mind. Do you have a pet?????? If you did then you would feel this pain he did. Your Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. tp3823

    I am with you brother!