ASPCA Rescue Efforts in 2009

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

This year, the ASPCA participated in raids and animal cruelty investigations across the country. In one “sanctuary” alone, a hoarder kept more than 400 sick and suffering animals in deplorable conditions. Unfortunately, the ASPCA witnesses the terrible impact of animal cruelty every day–but in 2009, the organization was able to improve the lives of more than 63000 animals. To support the ASPCA’s lifesaving efforts, please visit us at

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25 Responses

  1. TheBunnieGirl

    Very powerful video!

  2. Bella24745

    Your right animals ask for nothing in return. I just write a paper at school on animal abuse and how we can help. Very powerful video! Thank you for all u have done!

  3. kidandkat

    you guys are amazing, thank you for everything you have done to help animals, it means alot to them and to us

  4. taylorandcortney

    this is so sad

  5. allaboutnature

    Dogs are amazing.

  6. natyanayaki

    It’s very saddening how cruelly humans treat lives that are dependent upon them…:-/

  7. LaadyStaardust

    That is horrible, these poor things have done nothing to deserve that.

  8. tikkisash

    God bless you all!!!

  9. goldenstarshipX

    i don`t get why people hurt animals..

  10. SyverCyber

    Friday, 12/11/09. Powerful video. Thank you for being there. Thank you, ASPCA, so much! You are right, we are the ones that are lucky to have them in our life.

  11. Ebilscouty

    you guys do such amazing work for these little creatures

  12. lovecoco14

    ASPCA is defenitly one of heroes!
    Hopefully when im 19 ill be able to volunteer!

  13. horsesinnyc

    so sad.

  14. JECLib

    It does renew the fight when you see them mistreated, the only positive in it at all…. Thank you ASPCA, I’m standing with you.

  15. Tripooch

    you guys are awesome. i have a three legged dog named lexy and iam going to be posting videos of her and her life as a tripawd so come check it out when you get the chance

  16. SecondActsRescue

    Please adopt from a local shelter or rescue. We raise money for small, volunteer rescue groups that save these animals and find them new homes.

  17. caitybug0311

    secondactsrecue shut up the aspca does a godd job recuing them so the animals can find loving and caring hiome so shut up

  18. 516over631flow

    Thank you ASPCA !!

  19. sonia57591

    i lv aspca ,,,, i m hoping that aspca will help animals in pakistan
    ,,,, the main source f creuelty is in tolinton market in lahore
    thousands of puppies die thr ,,, people still buy pets frm ther….
    all animals r suffering frm many diaese in tolinton market
    our gorvement doesnt help to end dat creuelty
    …plz aspca help us,,,plzz

  20. RotisserieiJamie

    I love the ASPCA! What amazing, nice and great people my idols!

    ASPCA help stop animal slaughter! SPREAD THE WORD! HELP SAVE THE ANIMALS! I love animals!

  21. polkadotsandstripes2

    why would someone treat any living creature like that?! that is sick! i’m in tears… speechless… absolutely speechless… thank God for ASPCA.

  22. GrandTheftJuggalo313

    Got my Lab an ASPCA cage cause it donates 1-4.5% of the purchase to their cause. I wanna see all the people who abuse animal brutally buttraped and slaughtered for waht htey do. How whack can you be?

  23. Vegheadsrock

    Hey ASPCA!!!!!Korean animal protection needs your help. THey are the only humane society in Korea. They cant close. I am not them. Just a concerned citizen. Cant you tell people or Get them in the United Way international or something?

  24. 5SuperMeme

    thanx ASPCA

  25. markhinr

    According to Charity Navigator, Edwin J. Sayres, the president of ASPCA pays himself an annual income of $473,998, which is 50 percent of their administrative budget. Does he really care about animals? Check out CharityNavigator (dot) org for a list of the more worthy organizations out there helping animals, or donate to your local animal shelter.