Are You Allergic to a Man's Best Friend?

Are You Allergic to a Man’s Best Friend?

By Charles Welf

If you happen to have a dog allergy, the situation can be emotionally and physically difficult to cope with because the dilemma to keep or not to keep the dog can intensify your symptoms and make living with Fido quite uncomfortable. There are countless people who face the decision of getting rid of the family pet over a child or parents allergic reaction to the pet and the situation is always emotional. There are, however, an assortment strategies and treatments you can employ to deal with an individuals dog allergy that can save everybody concerned from unnecessary grief.

Anyone, regardless of age can have a dog allergy. No one is immune from pet allergy, it just happens and that is all there is to it. Most people who suffer from pet allergies (dogs, cats or even birds) also suffer from allergies to pollens and molds as well. Pet allergies are mostly genetic in nature, if someone in your family is allergic to pets there is a high probability that it could also happen to you as well as anyone in your immediate family.

Keep in mind that dogs cannot be considered as non-allergenic because the same allergens are present in all types of pet hair and dander. All dogs produce dander, urinate, shed hair, and lick themselves to clean up. This normal behavior makes all dogs an allergenic possibility regardless of hair type. There are dogs that produce less dander but this does not completely eliminate the presence of dander and still makes dogs a possibility as the source of an allergic reaction.

Dog allergies have the same symptoms similar to hay fever or seasonal allergy symptoms.

If you suffer from a dog allergy, you may also experience the same runny nose, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, scratchy skin and throat, watery eyes, and symptoms similar to those that are related to airborne allergies. This is because a dog allergy affects the same systems in the body in the same way hay fever and other seasonal allergies do because of the minute size of the allergen, the pet dander in this case.

However, there are some measures that you can do to save you a lot of problems with your dog and your family that may be allergic to dogs. Keep in mind to always wash your hands after playing with your dog. This ensures removal of the dander. A change of clothes or taking a shower or bath for a more thorough treatment would be better. In addition, it is best to keep dogs out of bathroom and bedrooms in order to reduce the areas that the dogs dander will affect. Limiting your exposure to allergens is one of the best ways to limit the actual symptoms of a dog allergy.

Charlie Welf writes about allergies and there treatments. Learn more about dog allergies and other allergy information

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