Are You Able To Participate in the Leader Dog Volunteer Puppy Raiser Program?

Leader Dogs for the Blind is in critical need of families to raise a leader dog puppy. These dogs bring joy to their owners as puppies, and later fulfill an important purpose in the lives of the visually impaired.

Enclosed is there latest news release.

News Release

For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Bev Blanchard
Puppy Development Manager

Leader Dogs for the Blind Seeking Volunteer Puppy Raisers

Program Key to Providing Independence to the Visually Impaired

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI, (Nov 12,2010) – Leader Dogs for the Blind announces that the organization is in need of families or individuals to participate in the Leader Dog Volunteer Puppy Raiser program. Leader Dog guide dogs can only be provided to the visually impaired with the assistance of volunteer puppy raisers.

The volunteer puppy raising program places puppies in host homes for approximately one year in preparation for their lives as guide dogs. Raisers teach puppies house manners and basic obedience, and they socialize the dog by taking it into the community on a regular basis.

Leader Dogs for the Blind provides a range of support materials and programs for volunteer puppy raisers, including training, veterinary care in the Metro Detroit area, and other materials. A puppy raiser coordinator is matched with an individual or family throughout the duration of the program to assist with training and answer questions.

Puppy raisers typically receive their puppies at 7 to 8 weeks of age and return them to Leader Dogs for the Blind between 12 and 15 months of age. Breeds include Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and German shepherds, with a few smooth-coated collies or standard poodles.

Leader Dogs for the Blind is known throughout the world for its forward thinking and innovation in the guide dog field. In fact, Leader Dogs for the Blind was the first guide dog organization in North America to hold a dedicated program to train guide dogs for people who are deaf and blind. Leader Dogs for the Blind is also the only guide dog organization to offer an entire continuum of learning for people who are blind and visually impaired, including: classes on learning to travel safely with a white cane, classes on how to use a pedestrian GPS navigational tool, and a summer camp experience for teen’s age 16 and 17.

To apply for the program

For more information about Leader Dogs for the Blind call (888) 777-5332 or visit


Leader Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit organization that has been providing independent travel to people who are blind and visually impaired through the use of Leader Dogs since its founding in 1939. Over the years, Leader Dogs for the Blind has provided independent mobility to more than 14,000 visually impaired individuals. The services of the school are provided free of charge. The school also provides classes for orientation and mobility, pedestrian GPS, and a summer camp for teens. For more information on Leader Dogs for the Blind, call (888) 777-5332 or visit

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