Are Cats And Kittens Thirsting For Raw Foods?

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Kibble vs. real food.People are becoming concerned of their pets being always sick and need to take matters into their own hands. They are considering that diet may be the problem and some are going to raw cat foods to see if that helps.

Shocking to many non-believers, the cats are becoming healthy.

Introducing your cat to raw foods may be just about the finest thing that you can do for its health and well being. Cats that are provided a meticulously nutritious diet of raw food tend to live longer, more energetic lives and don’t appear to have the same problems that are plaguing many cats today as a result of consuming cooked foods.

Cooked commercial cat food is frequently made of animals that died from illness or reject animal pieces of animals that were fed steroids and hormones. This commercial food has occasionally been found to be contaminated with toxins and lethal bacteria that might inadvertently harm your pet.

Therefore, choosing a raw food diet for your pet could be seen as a sensible call. The drawback though is that going raw could be a great commitment on the part of the pet owner, especially if the animal has been mostly raised on commercial food until this point. The migration to raw can be tricky, and preparing certain handcrafted recipes can be laborious. But the health benefits of feeding your feline mate a well-balanced raw food diet fully outweigh the disadvantages, plus the cost savings for food and veterinary care over your cats life are worth it.

Raw organic cat food is generally available, but it can be costly, so most raw food enthusiasts opt to make their own by using recipes. As an alternate choice, there are supplements available that could be added to fresh ground beef or cut beef chunks and water that provide all the balanced nutrition your pet needs to stay healthy. These ‘all-in-one’ kind of products are very convenient, but would possibly not be thought of as pure and as fresh as preparing it yourself following a recipe in your own kitchen. The supplements work OK for plenty raw foodists, yet others like to prepare it all from scratch themselves from the start, giving them control over all the ingredients and the creation. And there are others who don’t wish to use animal products at all.

You can easily find raw cat food dishes on the net that can match your tastes and finances plus meet the nutritive needs of your cats. When preparing your own, it’s important to cut up the plant material completely so that is quickly consumed by your animal. It has been suggested that raw food recipes for cats is best made with just above ground vegetables, perhaps with carrots being the only exception . Herbs might be added in some cases but should be added in little amounts in the adjustment time frame. Information regarding plant mashers and any knives you could need is ordinarily listed with the recipes that will be needing them.

This probably sounds like heaps of involvement, but if there is any certainty to the health benefits of “going raw”, and your feline pal definitely means a lot to you, the work of love is most surely worthwhile.

About The Author:

Pamela is a natural health enthusiast and a softie for cats.
If you liked this piece of writing, you can view her other posts: Raw Food Diet For Pets, Vegetarian Dog Food and Blueberry Smoothies.

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  1. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    (new PetLvr post ).. Are Cats And Kittens Thirsting For Raw Foods?

  2. Nicole Kinsey
    | Reply

    RT @friendpets: Are Cats And Kittens Thirsting For Raw Foods? #pets Remember cats are true carnivores; all meat diets!

  3. Thomas
    | Reply

    I personally think feeding your cat or dog quality meat that you would eat yourself provides great benefits to their overall health.

    Tinned or bagged food, whilst claiming to be nutritious, is simply not the same, especially as we don’t know what goes into it.

  4. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    (From the PetLvr Archives): Are Cats And Kittens Thirsting For Raw Foods?

  5. Mandeloo
    | Reply

    I hope by “tastes and finances” you don’t mean vegetables or vegetarian. That is impossible for a cat as an obligate carnivore and causes eventual (and often immediate) pain and suffering. There have been people charged with animal cruelty for doing this. If you cannot handle meat without a problem, the raw food diet is not for your cat. Stick to grain free wet food in a can.

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