Aquariums – The Different Kinds

Aquariums – The Different Kinds

By Michael Russell

There are many different types of aquariums. There is pretty much one for each level of enthusiast and not all aquariums are for fish. There are aquatic plant aquariums as well and they are very beautiful.

One of the simplest of aquariums is a fish bowl. A fish bowl can even be part of a table arrangement. When one chooses a fish bowl it should be a big one. At least a gallon. You’ll also need a small net and two 1 gallon bottles of drinking water that is not distilled or de-ionized, as tap water isn’t safe for your fish. Even if water is treated with water conditioners it still wouldn’t be safe. You will also need some floating fish food. You will need to fill your fish bowl 2′ form the top of the bowl. Then you will need to cover your bowl with a clean plastic cover. Sometimes a clean lid from a coffee can will do. You don’t want your fish to jump out or another pet jumping in! You will need to replace about 20% of the water twice weekly and you can make your own bottled water by using the following method. Fill a bottle with tap water and leave about 2″ of empty space at the top of the bottle. Add about five drops of water conditioner and then replace the cap tightly. You will need to let the bottle of water sit for at least three days before you use it for your fish.

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