Aquariums – Is The Biorb or Biube Aquarium Best For You?

Aquariums – Is The Biorb or Biube Aquarium Best For You?

By Allen Jesson

Why biOrb?

Reef One originally developed the biOrb as a fish friendly goldfish bowl to give fishkeepers a compromise between an outdated bowl and a large rectangular aquarium. They updated the design by using the appeal of the bowl combined with the technological advances used in the larger aquariums. It means that a biORb can offer more volume, 5 stages of filtration, excellent, oxygen/carbon dioxide diffusion, lower maintenance and is also much healthier environment for fish than the old style goldfish bowls.

The globe is manufactured from Plexiglass acrylic and because of its large water capacity, biOrb provides fish with approximately 10 times more space than a traditional bowl. The filter design utilises a unique systemised five-stage method combining biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. This significantly reduces the maintenance whilst ensuring that the water remains healthy and crystal clear for months between the simple filter cartridge changes.

biOrb’s are available in a 30 or 60 litre capacity aquarium.


It is easy to go tropical with the biOrb – by adding a heater stand, a heater can be safely fitted to the biOrb. biOrb’s heater pack contains a 50 watt heater, heater stand, thermometer and Kikari Micro Pellets. Aquarium heaters must be no more than 20cm in length and must not touch the sides of the biOrb. Small tropical fish are generally easier to care for than Fantails as they are hardier and create less waste. 12-18 small tropical fish can be kept in the biOrb and these small fish can be added 2-3 at a time.

The biUbe

The biUbe is the latest unique addition to the Reef One aquarium range. Available in silver or black and designed to fit in a smaller space than the biOrb range, it is ideal as a focal point in a small flat, study, kitchen or bedroom. The lid and base bands can easily be changed to a different colour.

Made from strong, crystal clear acrylic and featuring the identical filtration system as the popular biOrb means it is simple and quick to maintain. The biUbe contains 35 litres (9 US Gallons) of water and is ideal for tropical or coldwater fish. Supplied complete with a 5 stage internal filter, halogen light, ceramic media, air pump, plug top 12 volt transformer, water treatment, fish food & a full set of instructions.


Small fantails e.g. Ryukin, introduce when they are 1.5 inches.
Small tropical fish e.g. danios, barbs and small tetras for your tropical aquarium.
Male guppies and platies
Delicate varieties such as Pearl Scales, Blackmoors and Neon tetras should not be introduced first
No Oranda or common goldfish
No catfish, loach or other bottom feeders.
Plants and Décor

Elodea densa (goldfish weed)
Cabomba aquatia
Java fern
Any artificial plants
Large pebbles (bigger than ceramic media). Be careful not to cover the filter lid.
No aquarium gravel, as it blocks filtration and causes the cartridge to get stuck.
Bogwood is ok for tropical fish (not goldfish) but will tint the water.
Any aquarium ornament or clean aquatic rocks Accessories

There are an extensive range of accessories available for both the biOrb and the biUbe, these include: swap tops to colour coordinate with your room, LED lights, volcanoes, airstones, ceramic media, stands, ac transformers, safe 12v air pump, light units, bulbs, bubble tube guard, service kits, cleaner pump, cleaning pads and one way valves.

Key points to success

Always read and follow instructions
Introduce the right type of fish gradually
Do not overfeed
Change the filter cartridge and 1/3rd water every 6-8 weeks.
How to maintain your biORb/biUbe

Change the filter cartridge and 1/3rd of the water every 6-8weeks using a service kit.
Use a cleaner pump to remove any extra dirt from the ceramic media.
Another reason to get a biORb/biUbe

According to internationally known TV Feng Shui Doctor Paul Darby, clean, flowing, well-lit water with fish is the ultimate way of transforming bad energy – so the biOrb with its five stage filtration system, bubbling water and low-voltage light, makes perfect Feng Shui sense!

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  1. Jacob
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    Great advice and article, I have had my biorb over a year now and wish I had seen this sooner. For those of you looking for a good place to get the hard to find Biorb accessories and filters like the service kit, check out . They have free shipping on every order for all Biorb fish tanks and accessories.

  2. devin
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    I like the biorb tanks a lot, have you guys seen the new biube pure? It looks sweet, you can see it at the link below.,table-top-aquariums,biorb-pure-biube-aquariums.php

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