Aquarium Location

One of the first things that you will think about when planning to keep pet fish is where you are going to position the aquarium in your home. The most obvious concern will be to find available space where your chosen aquarium will fit. When you have chosen a potential site, it is important to check for any potential problems that may arise in the future and you should take the following aspects into consideration:

Space around the tank
Is there sufficient space above and around the tank? You will need plenty of room to access the tank for maintenance tasks. You may also need additional space to accommodate equipment such as lighting or external filtration.

Solid base
It is very important that you stand your aquarium on a solid and stable base. You should use a thick sheet of expanded polystyrene to spread the weight of the tank evenly and avoid pressure points from any irregularities in the surface below. A specifically made aquarium cabinet would be the best option to ensure a sturdy surface that is designed to handle the heavy weight. It is not advisable to use lightweight furniture as fish tanks can weigh a lot when they are full and will put a lot of stress on furniture that is not up to the job.

Access to a powerpoint
All aquariums need equipment that is run on electricity so you should position the tank near to an electrical socket to provide power to pumps, heaters, lighting and all other electrical equipment.

Avoid doors & windows
Avoid siting the tank directly opposite a window or any other place where it may be exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight shining into a fish tank will cause algae to grow at a faster rate and it can quickly build up in the tank and on the aquarium glass. Windows and doors can also cause a problem for temperature control within the aquarium environment. Draughts from windows and doors as well as sunlight can cause the temperature in your fish tank to fluctuate causing a less stable environment for your pet fish.

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