Animals for Adoption Create Beautiful Friendships

Animals for Adoption Create Beautiful Friendships

By Morgan Hamilton

If you are looking for a pet to keep you company, you can find the perfect one by looking at the animals for adoption at your local animal shelter. A lot of lovable animals in local shelters are sitting in their small cages, waiting for people who may want to keep them as pets. Stray animals of all kinds end up as animals for adoption in animal shelters. Most of them are family pets that irresponsible owners have neglected or abandoned.

In the past I only wanted to have purebred animals as pets and I make it a point to know about the animal’s bloodline. After visiting a shelter with my sister, my views about hybrid animals changed completely. My sister recently lost her husband and she wants to have a pet to comfort her. I went along to give her some moral support and to help her choose the animal she needs. Seeing the situation of animals for adoption in that shelter, broke my heart and almost brought tears to my eyes.

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