Animals – Do they love us?

Erika over at asks ….. Animals – Do they love us?

Well, sometimes I think that our cat Zeussie Pussy Cat “LOVES” to kill me! I mean, always trying to trip me down the stairs and eat all my client files and records – if I don’t feed him on time! :p

Actually, Zeussie is great! The other day, while he was trying to “ESCAPE” this house and home to leave us .. he actually did mysteriously slipped out the back door when I was letting the dogs Maxxie and Sophie back into the house. That was about midnight … In the morning, around 5:30am ‘ish when we got up the next day, we were wondering where the heck he was – and why he wasn’t trying to bite us, trip us .. or shed his fur on my unshaven face .. until we went to let the dogs out… HE WAS OUTSIDE ALL NIGHT!

ugh .. Poor zeussie .. he’s a house cat, and never goes outside, unless he tries to escape … yet alone all night. Good thing we have a fenced backyard.

But boy – was he freaked out .. his eyes all bug-eyed .. body filled with spider webs obviously going everywhere in our backyard, including under the porch steps that we don’t clean too often ..

Yup .. But – then I fed him his morning breakfast, and all was forgiven. Now – if that’s not kitty-love – what is?

Maxxie and Sophie? No doubt about their unconditional affections!

Yup. I agree with Erika .. Animals do show emotions!

But, all PetLvrs out there probably know that already 😀

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