Animal Shelter Commercial

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

It’s sad when you go to a shelter and see all of the caged animals. I thought i would make this, not to force anyone, but to get the idea into your guys hard metal heads…”not all, but some”… There are so many pets out there that need a loving family, but instead get put into shelters where they are caged until taken or put to rest. Is that a way to live? Lets put you in a cage and see how you like it, knowing that in about 2 weeks your going to be put to sleep. I’ve adopted 2 loveable-crazy- Chihuawua”think thats how you spell it” terriers. We got one about 2 years ago, and got another one about 8 months ago. The first one we got didnt have a story, but we could tell, it had been badly abused, it whined like no other when it mearly saw a drop of water, and if u wanted to pet her it would act as if you hit her. Any food that was given, was gone in a second. Fortunately we were able to save her. =] My other dog we got from family memebrs who couldnt keep him, he wasnt in any danger, just his previous owners had already 2 other dogs. So we took him in… and then we have my fat cat =] MIko lol

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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11 Responses

  1. jeffrey9125

    I would but i cant i live in a apartment I WANT A DOG BADLY but my mom says no lol

  2. Razrskills

    @jeffrey9125 that sucks… i got 2 dogs 1 cat… used to have 2 cats until one ran away =[ about 2 years ago… i like cats the most but i hate seeing animals in shelters…

  3. Razrskills

    @jeffrey9125 o and if u get a dog… be ready… dogs are alot of trouble, but they in the end are worth it, for an apartment try getting a cat or small pup

  4. bobbysam232

    4 minute commercials ahh what has the world gone to..

  5. Razrskills

    Lol second part wouldnt have gone on lol

  6. CupOfLilies

    wuh song is this?

  7. lenasibreancatdog

    this is very sad viedo very good music chicie

  8. lenasibreancatdog

    @jeffrey9125 hey i want a dog too but wiil not let me

  9. lenasibreancatdog


  10. topaz673

    All of you people who abuse or abandon animals shame on you. they loved you and thought you cared! and you leave on the curb to find a more loving person then you’ll ever be! and those animals that died i say r.i.p. animal lover’s every where care!

  11. topaz673

    @bobbysam232 who cares about that care about the animals!!!!