Animal Rescue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

This is what animal rescue is all about- SAVING LIVES!

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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7 Responses

  1. EternalDogLover1

    Great job on this video its very very moving
    poor dogs :{
    5×5 fv

  2. puppyfan27

    omg poor dogs i feel so sad *cry* so cute!!

  3. shorty51011

    OMG this is so sad!!! i creid!!!!!11

  4. Luna810

    very powerful and so,so sad!

  5. ForTheSakeOfAnimal

    How can we not hate what humans do to them?

    What gives you them the right to do these things?

    Bless all them.

  6. ForTheSakeOfAnimal

    BTW…awesume job on this video.

  7. michaeljackson09gurl

    humans think dogs are useless…
    like when my uncle is drunken .. i said “get upstairs the dog may get angry when you disturb his sleep” my uncle says..”it’s JUST a dog..”
    see their attitudes when it comes to animals…poor animals…
    treated like trashes…
    they say … it’s JUST a dog with it’s useless tails…
    they are created by god also…they have the rights to live in here

    i wish that they are not created no more longer to FEEL THE PAIN IN THIS HATRED WORLD!!