Animal rescue – abandoned baby white rhinos – BBC wildlife

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube
A baby rhinoceros is fed and petted in this episode of Arica Bush Rescue. Cute animal clip from BBC.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. Goldy151515
    | Reply

    It’s a type of species.

  2. dannycarter85
    | Reply

    Although they are known as white rhino’s the actuall name white rhino came from the afrikaaners promouncing WIDE as WHITE. Wide representing there wide lips as opposed to a black rhino which has a pointy lip.

  3. TreeHugged
    | Reply

    Er no , hippo is the most dangerous , and good video .

  4. BIGFACE08
    | Reply

    i dont think so m8 rhinos are like 1 1/2 tons that would crush a hippo and any living animal .they can run up to 30mph with a dealy ivory tusk ….

  5. TreeHugged
    | Reply

    lol you really dont know do you , a rhino is more like 3 tonnes and they are really quite a shy animal , lets put it this way when i worked in a safari park , the most timmid animal was a rhino , and even when i worked 100 yards from 3 of them out in the reserve they never botherd me and the ranger.

    Hippos will charge at you for no reason and are deadly .

  6. BIGFACE08
    | Reply

    hippos arent made to fight what have hippos got as a weapon then look at rhino its bigger and can run up to 30mph go on youtube and watch when a rhinos get angry . rhinos owns the junjle !!!!

  7. TreeHugged
    | Reply

    O really.

  8. 4darin5
    | Reply

    Are you kidding me?! Hippos are psychotic maniacs! They kill more people in a year than any other animal. If given the chance, a hippo would kill you and everyone you cared for.

  9. BIGFACE08
    | Reply

    so u saying a hippo wud kill a rhino ?? .a rhino as got tuff skin i dont think a hippo can do any damage .The rhino wud kill any thing in the junjle belive me dont get a rhino angry.

  10. 4darin5
    | Reply

    Dude no, I’m saying a hippo would MURDER a rhino. Yea, rhinos have tuff skin but hippos have razor sharp fangs and venom filled sacks. They are crazy man, haven’t you played “Hungry Hungry Hippos!”? Everyone knows that if you hit the big white button on their backs, they will chomp down real fast!!! they are INSANE!

  11. BIGFACE08
    | Reply

    Dude this is not a game were u press a white button,a rhinos tusk wud kill the hippo before the hippo can go insane with is teeth.the rhino is twice the size as a hippo and a lot quicker in its attacks.rhino wud kill anything from a grizzy bear to a serbian tiger.

    ps how hard wud it be to keep a rhino as a pet ???? cus i wont one.

  12. 4darin5
    | Reply

    I think it would be very hard, since you cannot tell the pet store employee that you plan to use the rhino’s tusk to make an ivory hat!

    Rhino versus a Grizzly bear huh? HOW ABOUT A GRIZZLY BEAR WITH A GUN!? a hippo would easily defeat a grizzly bear with a gun. EVEN a polar bear, holding a grenade, standing on top of a grizzly bear with a gun.

  13. BIGFACE08
    | Reply

    shut up dumbass i would never kill any animal for there ivory or skin. how about a rhino carrying 5 nukes on is tusk and a ak47 wrapped around is tail versus a hippo with a desert eagle.

  14. 4darin5
    | Reply

    Whoa, a rhino with five nukes and an Ak-47? I think I’ve seen one of those in the wild.

    Hippos are traditionalists, like Bruce Lee or, Ghandi. They would never touch a gun.

    House cats are full of ivory. Just ask any Ivory dealer. But the thing is you have to catch them by surprise and GUT THEM! Ivory will splash out of their frail naked bodies………Ivory dealers I mean.

  15. BIGFACE08
    | Reply

    Whoa m8 .please dont say things like that gutting and naked bodies u making me freak.

  16. killa0147
    | Reply

    HOW OLD R U ???

  17. 4darin5
    | Reply

    21. You penis sniffing, anus tickling, wonder boy.

  18. mpls5
    | Reply

    Its beautiful!!! El rinoceronte es el animal mas bello del mundo!!!

  19. 032791
    | Reply

    i liked this video 🙂

    hi anyone want to chat 8g

  20. kateszilva
    | Reply

    what the f is wrong with you people?

  21. adfasffs
    | Reply

    what a cutie!

  22. jesusoliveira2
    | Reply

    you mean the rhino or…

  23. jesusoliveira2
    | Reply

    you mean the rhino or…

  24. semretmu
    | Reply

    i like they way her said her name sava. saba

  25. semretmu
    | Reply

    sorry i should have said He not Her ahahaha

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