Animal Rescue!!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

The Channel AnimalsTaiwan asked me to put this vid up… they are about to put up an update video about this dog.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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24 Responses

  1. superyear2

    poor dog 🙁

  2. MentalLice17

    its so sad when peopole throw pets away like their trash…i have saved a couple strays thru out the years and got them adopted out to a good home. <3

  3. applecrisp2

    is it hard to speak Taiwanese

  4. Snamyburgh

    hahah m13 i guess it sleeps at night……

  5. jorjor35

    dude ther is no such thing as taiwanese, in taiwan, they speak chinese.

  6. applecrisp2

    oops i meant Chinese lol that sounds so stupid

  7. Stray14

    Mordeth is a hero.

  8. satansandwich

    no chinese language either. its actually mandarin 🙂

  9. waitingfordoom

    oh god…he’s so scared

  10. kawaiiprincess2004

    @jorjor35 uh i don’t know what you’re talking about. of course taiwanese is a language! it exists in taiwan. it’s a chinese dialect to be exact, and it’s very similar to Fuijianese from China. yes, taiwan people speak mandarin chinese but taiwanese is frequently used for conversation sometimes too. the number of young people who speak it … i’m not sure. my experience in taiwan most older generations speak taiwanese and some young people speak taiwanese and/or mandarin.

  11. ashley118118

    yay for m13 he is a real hero 🙂

  12. joshcordeiro

    ok they speak asian

  13. TrueAiR

    That is the most awful sound ever… pure fear. Some humans sicken me that they can walk by this dog every day and not bat an eyelid. Good job Mordeth, wish there were more like you.

  14. crowleychad

    you are a good fellow.

    thank you for saving that one life… even just for awhile.


  15. Interrogater

    @jorjor35 They speak Taiwanese and Mandarin


    so sad, it’s just wandering about going nowhere, aw man. sucks it’s scared of you, has no idea you’re all trying to save him. his cry is harsh, really gets to me… I feed the squirrels that come into my backyard every morning at 7am, lol.

  17. bibi14930

    i wonder who’s the stupid idiot who tied that rubber band round the dog’s neck. i hope that stupid idiot dies by chocking!!!

  18. adriennedube87

    I found the update

  19. TheCrazyAnimalGIRL

    i know Chinese too! i’m an expert!

  20. DavidSlagter

    Is this the dog called Phoenix on there site? I find it pretty hard to make out which dog is the right one 😛

  21. mikalika125

    omg i was soo sad that i was about to start cooing at the computer screen thinking it would hear me…TT-TT im that sad! TT-TT and i feel a bit dumb for doing that…aww i can see the fear in its eyes!

  22. moneyindabank

    i wonder if animals taiwan would go to hengch’un to pick up a dog?

  23. pedroaguiaromundo

    yeah your friend wasn’t very apreciated by the dog.. but is awesome how most dogs just stay cool around you.. you must know that dogs are vert sensitive to intentions and the good/bad thing.. even dogs think you’re cool man!!

  24. KicKz924

    the sound of the dogs scream made me shake a bit too. not nice to hear but in this case it was for the best for the dogs future.