Amazing Funny Dog Tricks, Dog Training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This video shows some of the tricks I have been working on recently with Kiko and Splash. Some of the more interesting ones are, teaching Splash to look left and look right, teaching her how to skip, and how to shuffle backwards in a bow. Kiko started offering a tap dancing behavior which I captured, as well as scratching with her back feet. I also taught Kiko to go between Splashes legs as I saw a Boston Terrier do in the movie Hotel for Dogs, and thought it would be very cute to teach. Splash however, looks stressed as you can see, when kiko works too closely around her, because Kiko usually will boss Splash around if she is too close to her. All these tricks were taught using clicker training and no forms of positive punishment (meaning me saying No! or eh eh! Wrong! Or any physical manipulation)

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. aussiev8gurl
    | Reply

    well done….would you like to come to my place and train my two staffies???

  2. Simasters
    | Reply

    I will surely teach the “crazy feet” to my dog 😀 !

  3. DFOlauncher
    | Reply

    my dog only knows 1 trick its cald ”run away” every time i open the door he dose it can some one help me i think hes mental or somthing plz reaply

  4. KILLSWITCH58884
    | Reply

    I think ur dog doesnt like you haha

  5. allaboutdog01
    | Reply

    Thanks for the training tips…

  6. EvyWolf133
    | Reply

    Now those are tricks!! That’s so amazing!!

  7. DestinyRed23
    | Reply

    How do you teach crazy feet, tied up, and new turn!?

  8. 13Marde
    | Reply

    Wow! Nice tricks! Yes, that trick “Tied up” is my fafourite! How do you teach it??

  9. blahdiblah2010
    | Reply

    woooooow you are SUCH a good trainer!!! x

  10. drdiego26
    | Reply

    hi your videos are awesome!-Dr.Diego

  11. yellowlabsrock
    | Reply

    awesome tricks I love crazy feet

  12. TheGameViewifier
    | Reply

    im amazed!! great work! 🙂

  13. IsaacBomb30
    | Reply

    pause and play then press 3 alot!!!

  14. MistaSly
    | Reply

    1:43 Moonwalk !!!

  15. MrsWeirzo
    | Reply

    They seem really happy dogs too.
    It’s lovely to see.
    Simon Cowell would love you, he’s a major dog lover.

  16. chicadeex1
    | Reply


  17. ZorazNikon
    | Reply

    YOU ARE GENIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot say it better than that. Girl, you are my hero! I own a Border Collie and I am going to use your videos that have EVERYTHING I NEED to train him! And his brother can use these to be a Hollywood Dog! (My bro’s dog that I train is SUCH a poser. He LOVES doing movies and I make little movies with him this wil help SO much!) Thank you so much for posting these videos!
    Thanks again!

  18. Missy1234591
    | Reply

    so cool! wish my dog could do that 😐 but i love her anyway!

  19. animalwhisperers93
    | Reply

    Splash prances around when she walks. So cute! Which one would you recommend a sheltie or a border collie. I want to train it to do agility and some of the other tricks you’ve taught splash and Kiko.

  20. Guarelia
    | Reply

    awsome!!! helps me a lot!!!

  21. DaxonizAmazin
    | Reply

    o my goodness i love crazy feet!

  22. 3velyn1
    | Reply

    great you pick one big dog and one small dog good combination 🙂

  23. lydialolly
    | Reply

    wow !! i am teaching my bordercollie/whipet -> lollypop to put toys in the box !! my fingers stink of dog treats all day long… 😉 thanks for posting !!

  24. andreevalisa
    | Reply

    its fantastic!

  25. CocoCrazy310
    | Reply

    That was amazing! I liked “sorry pups” and “box games” ^^

  26. Jamie
    | Reply

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