Amazing Clementine doing Bunny Tricks & Leash Training!! 3 1/2 month Holland Lop

Clementine doing tricks! 3 1/2 month Holland Lop Tricks: Up, Turn, Come here, and Give a kiss! Also leash training! I started out with using a Clicker and it…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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11 Responses

  1. Kimi C.
    | Reply

    I wish I had a bunny all to myself. My sister bought a bunny for her baby,
    and I get to visit her. The bunny is also a Holland lop, her name is

  2. all4fishin
    | Reply

    What a cutie….I also have a mini lop…His name is Leo…he will be 4 in
    November….Bunnys are amazing little animals…..thankyou for sharing….

  3. Kawaiilops
    | Reply

    sweetie pie

  4. Trish Nhan
    | Reply

    Thanks! She’s like a Doggy/Kitty!! HAHA She loves to scratch and dig like a
    kitty and loves to beg for food and scratch her ears like a dog! LOL

  5. Trish Nhan
    | Reply

    Hahaha Thank you ^_^

  6. Pewterrabbit1
    | Reply

    She’s so clever! Also I love her little hammock!

  7. Trish Nhan
    | Reply

    Thanks! ^_^ The cage is really nice, I really like all the room she has in
    it and I got the Hammock on sale at Petco, I think they also have some at
    petsmart too! And Amazon has them too! ^_^

  8. Sparkle Crafts
    | Reply

    aww ah ah ah !

  9. andreall
    | Reply

    Sooooo adorable! <3 i have the exact same cage for my holland lop as well
    🙂 where did you get the hammock?

  10. Wiskers2013
    | Reply


  11. wilsonbunbun1000
    | Reply

    02:08, toooo cute..

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