Allergies to Cats

By Ric Wiley

I am convinced my cat is allergic to me. If I was spending money on him, that was OK. If I was feeding him, that was OK, if I was making him comfy and tickling him under his chin, that was OK but if I expected him to show me any affection he had this allergy towards me. Remember, cats don’t have owners, cats own humans. One of the problems is that many humans who are owned by cats have allergies to them. This happened with Tigger and my wife who I originally got Tigger for but he adopted me and became my owner.

It wasn’t long after we had brought Tigger home that my wife developed a wheeziness when breathing. She went to see the doctor and after a quick examination he asked if we had a pet. That was it, he then explained about the skin of cats and how they shed particles of dead skin constantly, (as do humans), but my wife was breathing this in. It caused her to have to use an inhaler to help her breathing.

So what is the problem, well cats shed their dead skin and this gets into furniture, carpets and our bedding. When we walk through it, it stirs itself up as tiny dust particles and if a person is allergic to cats it gets breathed in and causes problems for humans. All cats produce these allergy causing compounds and not only is it found in dead skin but oil producing glands on your cat produce a protein allergen which also causes the problem. It is worse in male cats but female cats and cats, which have been neutered, are not as bad as an un-neutered male cat.

What can you do about it? Well you could get rid of your cat but I don’t hold with that but it may be best for you but please please make sure you re-home your cat to a good home where it will be well loved. Do not ever just dump it. You would not dump a child and your pet is like a child to you. Treat it as one. You could just accept you will have to use medication for the rest of your cat’s life or you could try a simple remedy.

You may find that your breathing is worse when you lie down in bed and sleep with your cat. If this is the case try banishing your cat from his bedroom. Take control again. It will not be nice as your cat will keep meowing outside his room and scratching at the door trying to get in but this method does work and after a few weeks he or she will be happy to sleep elsewhere. Try getting your cat its own bed and put this somewhere away from your bedroom.

You have to be tough with this and if you have slept with your cat it is hard, but you have to remember your health is important. Your cat will not be bothered about your health but you need to be.

Do not think about this, just do it. It is better that having to re-home your cat, just think of the distress it will go through not seeing you again and having to adapt to a new family.Your cat is very important but so is your health. Just remember this information should you need to, even though it may not be nice to hear. Your cat is very important but so are you and others in the house.

Ric Wiley is an established writer and Internet author. His latest site about his relationship with his cat, Tigger, can be found at

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