All About Hamster Sand Baths!

This video will teach you all about giving hamsters sand baths. Please don’t give your hamster a bath in water! It strips the oils from their fur and causes health and stress issues. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below and I will be happy to answer them! :)

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Music by Kevin Macleod

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Analis O Sullivan says:

    Is chinchilla dusting powder

  2. tXxgirlyxX XD says:

    Imma get a hamster soon 😊😊

  3. i’ve been using dust for the past 2 years on my kia but she’s actually fine .

  4. Why my syrian won't bathing in sand?:(

  5. HAMMster VLOG says:

    When I try to let my hamster have a bath Bc they stink. They didn't took a bath for 2 weeks already and what my hamster do is just sleep in it that's all… I need help!

  6. Hamlet TheHammy says:

    Can i use sand from the beach and just bake it?

  7. Thank you!!!!

  8. Meenu Verma says:

    pleaaaassssse ………
    urgent ………
    need some help did you say play sand or plain sand ?

  9. Emily's _Animals says:

    So I'm want a Darwf hamster So I getting one this vid help me out so now I know I can put a sand Bath in his 40 gallon tank thanks!

  10. Mango Draws says:

    Whos watching 2017

  11. TheSleepingDragon100 says:

    how often to buy sand bath?

  12. JadeSpartan says:

    I have a question! Is it safe to use normal desert sand you can find in a river bank? I want to get play sand but my dad argues that it is much cheaper just to get sand from the desert. Would it be dust free or safe enough for a hamster? I plan on adopting a winter white dwarf pretty soon so I'd like to know ASAP! Thank you and nice video! :)

  13. Catherine Smith says:

    i got chinchilla sand and the workers said its safe enough

  14. CheekyHamsters 11 says:

    I know im late but can you use aquarium sand? I have some sand that I did not use for my betta tank so I thought I would ask

  15. Sophia Lange says:

    CAN i tu repti sand ?

  16. CookieDog 1357 says:

    How long do you bake it for

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