Agility Training for Dogs : Introduce Contact Obstacles in Dog Agility Training

Learn how to use contact obstacles to teach your dog agility in this free video. Expert: Elise Paffrath Bio: Elise Paffrath began her dog agility career in the early 1970s. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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  1. That’s the point…you have to train your dog…

  2. MAJiKyellow says:


  3. Made2sing4Jesus says:

    You have to teach them the command “target” first.

  4. schleichadventures21 says:

    what if your dog couldnt care less about a white circle ‘target’?

  5. butterflycollie77 says:

    that dogwalk can be higher, but why did she say that the aframe would be higher?? that aframe is higher then it SHOULD be

  6. butterflycollie77 says:

    that dogwalk can be higher, but why did she say that the aframe would be higher?? that aframe is higher then it SHOULD be like what the heck?

  7. awesome little segments

  8. i am training my dog but we are havin g a problem with our contacts. any ideas?

  9. agileagility says:

    Work towards it. start low and raise slowly.

  10. i have a dog that is scared of heights is there anything i can do about it?

  11. agileagility says:

    Maybe you should try to train your dog.

  12. How old are u?

  13. experimentsmandj says:


  14. cool

  15. Xdancer2563 says:

    Well ofcourse they did. They were showing you what it looks like trained and slowly

  16. AgilityMalamute says:

    This dog is a national level competitor She was in the USDAA Steeplechase finals last fall One of the MOST competitive agility trials in the world. In order to train a high level dog the game of agility HAS TO BE FUN. By using great motivators like food and toys the dog and the handler will enjoy agility together and eventually they become a tight team that plays just because they’ve learned how much fun the game is together, agility then becomes self-reinforcing.

  17. DaniLaniFani says:

    i think you guys just hire TRAINED dogs. my dog is sooo untrained

  18. heartforagility says:

    no, the dog IS trained, as a present agility trainer now, i have trained for 3 years and it is defiantly not that simply, if you claim that is all you have to do you try it. there are many obstacles that you HAVE to overcome as they are not just everyday things you come in contact with

  19. lollypopen123 says:

    me and my dog did that but took a break but now we might go back and do compititions!

  20. mightymikaagility says:


  21. look at the dog…it constantly watches the hand that offers food. The dog isn’t ‘trained’ it’s just doing whatever it has to to get a snack.

  22. nice when u say target he stops mines stops when u say stop

  23. CrazycatExtreme says:

    good vid, my dog needs to work on his contacts, the first agility school we went to worked with targets, the school we’re at now works with “wait”, when I practice on my own, I choose to use a target and clicker.

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