Advanced Horse Seesaw Tricks – How to train your horse

This is a complete tutorial to train your horse to walk over the seesaw and do several exercises or tricks such as walk over the seesaw without a lead rope, …

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13 Responses

  1. aubreeloveshorses
    | Reply

    no to be rude or anthing but i dont know about where you live but where i live the seesaw is illegal so i wouldnt do this in the usa

  2. Charlie Irvin
    | Reply

    I love This Video. The Only Thing I Have To Keep My 10 Year old Niece From Looking At This Because She is A Little Daring She Will Do This.Ha ha

  3. usahorseman
    | Reply

    Thanks for your quick response! I have never trick trained before and I am just “figuring ” it out as I go..your videos answer many questions 🙂 Please check out my Friesian Gunner doing some of the tricks I have taught him on my youtube page..( work in progress 🙂 let me know what ya think!

  4. Marenlene
    | Reply

    thank you 🙂 I am currently uploading a very long trick training video with lots of tricks and games, kinda best of and some idea 🙂 My internet is very low so it probably takes a few hours until it is fully uploaded.

  5. usahorseman
    | Reply

    Great Videos..Keep them coming!

  6. Marenlene
    | Reply

    Thanks so much! It is always great to get such a nice comment 🙂

  7. dxtf1984
    | Reply

    thanx  love ur videos

  8. Marenlene
    | Reply

    Haven’t heard of Clinton Anderson, what kind of training does he do; Natural Horsemanship, trick training, clicker training….?

  9. Rachael Haddan
    | Reply

    Do you know of Clinton Anderson? and his Method of horse Training?

  10. Marenlene
    | Reply

    Hi, thank you 🙂 it was his third time on the seesaw. But it was the first time that he did this exercises. He is used to learning new things because I spend so much time with him.

  11. Majoofi
    | Reply

    well done. that wasn’t his first day with that was it?

  12. Marenlene
    | Reply

    haha, I know what ya mean 🙂

  13. MigrationTranslators
    | Reply

    Must be one of the smarter horses….I have seen a lot of horses that wouldn’t even understand what to do…

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