Adopt a Cat to Do More than to Save a Life

Adopt a Cat to Do More than to Save a Life

By Joy Cagil

All over the world, there is an ongoing cat overpopulation. Most anywhere, these cats are gathered and killed, sometimes, by very cruel means. In the United States alone, more than six million cats are put to death each year.

Some cities, however, embrace their cats like good fortune. In Rome, if a kitten is born on a Roman’s doorstep, by law it has the right to live on his property. Roman cats are just as famous as the Roman ruins where they mostly live. Old ladies called gattare feed and take care of these animals and the government sees to it that a vet visits them often to spay, neuter, and vaccinate them. The cats even have litter boxes here and there among the ruins. After all, Romans feel they owe to these cats whose ancestors, sometime during the antiquity, were brought over from Egypt to rid the city of rats.

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