Acrylic Strengths Over Glass

Acrylic Strengths Over Glass

By Derek Vanderpool

So Just what makes Acrylic Fish Tanks so special?

Acrylic aquariums are unique in that they afford a wide variety of shape options and the strength one would expect in a product designed to last for decades!

Acrylic aquariums are ten times stronger than glass and are not prone to shatter; while we do not suggest testing our theory I suppose you could take a hammer to that old glass aquarium in your garage and watch what happens!

Take note of the seam work on acrylic aquariums vs. glass fish tanks; no silicon “goop” holding the corners together. Acrylic seams are stronger, bonded, weld-like, far clearer and cleaner than glass. In fact a virtually invisible museum quality seam is available when purchasing an acrylic aquarium, however, make sure you deal with a quality manufacturer and not the guy spending weekends in his garage in his garage attempting to build a quality system without the proper tools or forming oven to get the work just right.

But doesn’t acrylic scratch easier than glass?

Sure it can scratch, but glass also can scratch and when it does what can you do to fix it? With acrylic a simple buff kit is all that is required to remove the scratch. Over the years these kits have evolved from really difficult to use to so simple you can even use them when the aquarium is full of water!

It would seem that an acrylic aquarium purchase is the most sensible purchase for a majority of aquarium keepers due to the strength, clarity, clearer seams, half the weight, variety of shapes, and classier look. offers fine hand-crafted acrylic aquarium systems complete with furniture grade cabinetry shipped WORLDWIDE. To find out more about fine custom acrylic aquariums visit Aquariumsource, LLC.

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