Ace Ventura – Pet Detective – Rehab

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This is an extremely funny part of the movie Ace Ventura – Pet Detective

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. serenades666
    | Reply

    @yerchedmad cause people think its stupid.. i love it though.

  2. banjoboy427
    | Reply

    brraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! half time

  3. BennyNason
    | Reply

    jim carrey is an absolute champion.. wish he still got characters like this, dumb and dumber, cable guy, etc. Theres nothing like that anymore

  4. yan6285
    | Reply

    @yerchedmad you right!

  5. 3notas
    | Reply


  6. Impul23
    | Reply

    I used to do a spin off of this in highschool, smashing myself into lockers and doors instead…yelling so you could hear me all the way down the hall ways….”Im ready Coach…just let me play…” then go charging at the door like an idiot….goodtimes, all credit goes to Ace/Jim.

  7. tibetanterriers4life
    | Reply

    OMG i lovee this. MY friend and i were shouting on the school field BEEEP- Half time badum di dum di dum .. ANd dabbed our faces and pretended to smak our faces onto a chair. SOunds mad but was sooo funny :). I actually love this film. The way it is actually like instant replay 🙂 1:32 A rimiya… EE ! Hahah sooo funnny i love it. Re act all of this at school and we jsut laugh! 🙂 U can watch it over an over nad it never gets boring 🙂 JIm carrey is an amazing actor:)

  8. retyb
    | Reply

    @yerchedmad me tooo

  9. fartnuget8
    | Reply

    3 51 3 51 this is an awesome video Jim carey

  10. joeman997
    | Reply

    1:42-2:38 lmfao

  11. joeman997
    | Reply

    In madden NFL 10 on Hall of fame thin i made ACE VENTURA and hes in the hallof fame lol

  12. Dreamflower6
    | Reply

    2:10 Dancing with the crazies, too funny!!! xD

  13. jetmike747
    | Reply

    if you look closely at 2:40 you can see the doctor guy laughing before they switch view!

  14. jetmike747
    | Reply

    @jetmike747 i mean 2:38! lol

  15. TangibleNought
    | Reply

    Both the doctor and Courtney were trying not to laugh so many times lol.

  16. AleksTheBassMan
    | Reply

    99 likes without a single dislike!

  17. Quaberr
    | Reply

    i want those socks and shoes and tutu and shorts and shirt and hair

  18. Guvoro
    | Reply

    @yerchedmad Think about WHY that happened…
    Google: Zeitgeist

  19. jeraldmilton
    | Reply

    god…courtney is hoooooot….

  20. Tigergirl7707
    | Reply

    @AleksTheBassMan That’s because it is very difficult NOT to like this video.

  21. skaterjrd99
    | Reply

    i laugh my god damn ass off every fuckin time at 2:32

  22. jtp1949
    | Reply

    My favorite part is when he hits his head on the seat thing, and when he’s all lke, ” Just let me in coach!!! Just Give me a chance!!!” lolololololz why is Jim Carrey so freakin’ hilarious?!?!?

  23. darkraizable
    | Reply

    1 person thinks this suck but i think it is good thumbs up if u agree with meh?

  24. Furubatsu
    | Reply

    anyone seen Ace Ventura Jr? dont, it sucks anal cock

  25. TheGearsguy24
    | Reply

    super funny

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