ace ventura pet detective funny scenes montage tribute PART1

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description


What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. emon2205
    | Reply

    The film sounds pretty good. I hadn’t heard of it beforehand either, but I suppose they might get round to promoting it in the UK when they release it here. I’ll go and see it on kookic, it must be there.

  2. tarasakoula
    | Reply

    what is the name of the song in the start??

  3. tarasakoula
    | Reply

    The intro is fucking amazing!!!!

  4. regeere
    | Reply

    “Excuse me is Greg here? Thank you!!” :DDD

  5. regeere
    | Reply

    “Excuse me is Greg here? Thank you!!” :DDD

  6. mamakunem
    | Reply

    If I’m not back in five minutes…. JUST WAIT LONGER!

  7. tomglavinehof1
    | Reply

    “First i’d establish a motive, in this case the killer saw the size of the bugs DICK and became insanly jealous.” 😀

  8. lavalizard3
    | Reply


  9. UnknownIncognito
    | Reply

    Could ur intro be more gay?…

  10. 7875030662
    | Reply

    @tarasakoula Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu

  11. Diswunthug
    | Reply

    1.pause video
    2. then play video
    3. keep pressing 1 on ur keyboard without stopping
    4. enjoy xD

  12. gucio142
    | Reply

    I don’t smoke… it’s a disgusting habit 😀

  13. 08oneillj
    | Reply

    u have shit taste of music

  14. NolavAvaloN
    | Reply

    “Warning, assholes are closer than they appear!!!!”

  15. funghooy4
    | Reply

    @UnknownIncognito whats wrong with it?

  16. thecanadianvandal
    | Reply

    I stopped it because of the intro. Any video that starts like that I automatically stop.

  17. HisDivineShadow245
    | Reply

    That is a pretty gay intro. =\

  18. 22sumera
    | Reply

    I have seen this…good as the first one. I like it!! It has a good story line.. I give this 10 out of 10. Write down to gooogle and watch this… I like the sounds… I recommened it to see this with your family…

  19. BaronofBooya
    | Reply

    7:29 My favorite part. Actually mentioned in a bar last night.

  20. fatah36
    | Reply

    i really enjoyed this film its very funny and i have to admit russell brand is not a bad singer as i heard that is really him singing. Good? movie and well worth a watch on for a good laugh

  21. MrPoostainish
    | Reply

    If you are one of the 68 people who disliked this…I just want you to know you are suffering from a severe case of fag

  22. isma23100
    | Reply

    i loved this movie so much hahaha, it was hilarious, have to say one of my top of 2010, worth watching att, btw eclipse is even great there….

  23. Albeleo
    | Reply

    “Come to me, jungle friends….eeeaaaAAAAUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAHHHH!!!!”

  24. helenHeller01
    | Reply

    can i ass u a few questions?

  25. Abu485
    | Reply

    I saw this recently on kookica and I’m watching it again tomorow. This story is oscar caliber on every level. I love this film and all in it, the cast did a great job!!!

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