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History of PetLvr is part of the HART-Empire Network, which is a division of HBS Management Consultants, which is a proprietorship owned by Hartley B. Singer of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. You can just call me HART (aka PetLvr Admin). I registered this domain in August 2004 after noticing that another site that I have ( which I registered in 2002, had about 20 times more views and hits and traffic than any / actually, ALL of my other sites at the time – showing my two Papillon dog pet pictures! I wanted to combine individual pet related sites into one mega huge “Pet” site for “Pet Lovers” and, the PetLvr was born.

This is HART’s “PetLvr” concept, that I have always tried to adhere to:

1) Multiple Authors and Team Writers

  • Rather than just have one point of view, I want a whole variety of viewpoints and commentaries in the blog. I have always believed that two minds are better than one .. so, a lot of them must be even greater! I have my own viewpoint, but it will differ from other people, including your own. I figured that by presenting various viewpoints by different people, you (the reader) will understand that it’s NOT “my way of the highway” type of thinking, and just take some of this information at face value for what it is .. just another viewpoint
  • I have an open offer to everybody who wants to contribute their knowledge, experience and pet stories as a “Guest Post” in my blog. I don’t trust people who claim that their way is the only and right way to do things. Everybody’s way will work for some and others differently, depending on the situation. I hope you will find answers and alternatives here in the PetLvr Shop!

    2) A Blog of Knowledge

  • I hope that this blog will continue to evolve into a wide base of information related to pets. Even though it is a blog updated daily or weekly content, if there was something about pets that I wanted to read about – I hope to just enter that query into the search field and then receive many different options and answers in solving that search. I also hope that having a wide range of continuing ‘encyclopedia’ type of information that it will attract many readers to either bookmark this site, or follow this site with our RSS feed. If you are searching for a particular type of information, like dog agility, I hope that you not only find many stories, references and helpful hints about dog agility, but also links to other great websites that can further help you receive information that you want. For this reason, you may see a lot of those articles from article websites in the archives.

    3) Heads Up on what’s happening!

  • It seems nowadays on the “Main Stream Media” TV channels and websites and now blogs, all you see is the same things happening in the world over and over and regurgitated into different pleasing formats. With the advent of RSS news aggregators and feed readers, I personally use .. I am able to scour many different news sites and blogs from around the world. I would like to think that something that interests me is something that would interest you – not all of the time, but sometimes. If there is a news article or story or product that makes me stop and read it and say “wow” or “neat-o”, then (to me) I think it is worth posting here to let you discover it too! If it is an interesting topic, but plastered everywhere on the news channels .. then, I probably won’t bother repeating it again, no matter how newsworthy it may be .. at least for now.
  • 4) “PetLvr” Stories by other Pet Lovers

  • I hope that the number of our team members who help me co-author and co-write this blog will continue to grow and provide you with NON-news stories, and NON-encyclopedia facts and maybe just give some simple tips that works for them – even though they may not work for you. I hope that we all can just write stories about our own pets, to let the world know how much we love them and enjoy them in our lives. Even if you do not want to become a co-author of this blog, you can still contribute a story about your pets! We will publish them. We welcome stories of inspiration and courage that are found from pets and pet owners around the world and stories that can make a person smile when reading it!
  • 5) Helping the Pets – if we can.

  • I would like to officially invite all pet related agencies, societies and rescue sites to please take advantage and if you can use this site to promote your own site or promote the well being of pets anywhere on this planet – feel free to pass along a Press Release or occasional article, or consider becoming a full-time co-author and co-contributor! I have also created a “PetLvr Community Corner” site that I hope over time, can also evolve into a lost and found site and a READER community for you – the reader to participate with our site.
  • While I’ve mentioned it, I am also trying to create the biggest list of Pet Rescue Sites on the internet, so if yours isn’t on this list .. let me know!
  • 6) The PetLvr Shop – Online Shopping

  • Let’s face it .. we’ve got almost 7,000 blog posts and hosting and domain registration and renewal fees cost money. If HART can make a few extra dollars keeping this site alive and on the internet, that would be great for everybody! All commissions earned from sales of affiliate products are put back into the maintenance of and the rest of the HART-Empire Network of online sites. Help keep us alive on the internet and support us! Thank-You

    and, Thank-You for visiting
    HART ( Admin)

    Notes and Attribution

    LVR Series of Sites

    Currently, is the place for pet related information. However, for specific BREED information, I do have a wide variety of sites either online, or in the works that I call part of the “LVR” series of sites. These include:

    and the site that started it all ..

    Shops @ HART Market

    Please note that our sister site is the Shops @ HART Market, also part of the HART-Empire Netork, a division of HBS Management Consultants .. owned by Hartley B. Singer (aka HART) blah blah blah de blah 😀 The “Shop @ HART Market” image on it’s front page is called ‘A Virtual Shopping Center In Acrylic paint’ and was actually painted by HART, your host and owner of this virtual shopping store and hobbyist painter! A painting will be made for this site in the summer of 2016.

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