A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving (Ep. 4)

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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41 Responses

  1. HelloDenizen
    | Reply

    Keep sending us your #tinyideas !

  2. Annie Fontaine
    | Reply

    *** Bon Petit Déjeuné & Bonne Journée à tous ..***

  3. YouTube
    | Reply

    Tiny Hamster gets an early T-day. 

  4. Reeanne Keena
    | Reply

    This is too cute not to post! Everyone getting excited for the holidays?

  5. Zizi Mugen
    | Reply

    Why is canned cranberry goop an essential part of thanksgiving? :/
    Cranberries exist in a non-canned form.

  6. Yuri Savelich
    | Reply

    Хомякам устроили пир на День Благодарения.
    +Лёлька Хомяк )))

  7. TheJimcarey
    | Reply


  8. James Meagher
    | Reply

    Cute! I know that took some patience.

  9. Cara Evangelista
    | Reply

    Thank you, thank you, family and friends who like to cook. :-)

  10. Joyce Donahue
    | Reply

    Awwwww.. Tiny Hamster is back- sharing a Thanksgiving meal with his

  11. Billie S.
    | Reply

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving:

  12. Tim Johnson
    | Reply

    Probably the best video of tiny rodents sitting down to a Thanksgiving
    dinner dressed as Pilgrims you’ll see all day.


  13. Amanda Etheridge
    | Reply

    This is too adorable, I love it!!! :):)

    A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving (Ep. 4)

  14. Covirna Fatale
    | Reply

    I’d like to tip you 1$ via +ChangeTip 

  15. Dave Handler
    | Reply

    *Please please please please please! Don’t make me start hating
    Thanksgiving like I do Christmas!!*

    Thanksgiving is the only holiday that I enjoy. The only one! Other than
    having to buy a boat load of food that you’ll be eating pretty much for the
    next week it is *ZERO* commercialized!

    I don’t think the hamster give a rats ass (no pun intended) about T-day.
    It’s a meal! That’s is all!

    #OMG #thanksgiving 

  16. Alexander Medina
    | Reply


  17. CustomGrow420
    | Reply

    Tiny spaghetti feast

  18. Sarah Devall
    | Reply

    Somebody needs to add commentary to these!

  19. azsxdcfvgbhnjmhn
    | Reply

    id be so pissed off seeing this if i were some starving african kid

  20. Dave Clough
    | Reply

    This is too cute not to post! Everyone getting excited for the holidays?

  21. Nerdy Canadian
    | Reply

    This is so cute, it’s disgusting!

    Also, I keep waiting for that hamster to BRAAAAP belch like a truck driver.

  22. BugSplat
    | Reply

    Did they use super glue to get the hats to stay on?

  23. emileemaree
    | Reply

    aw the mouse is my favorite. my mouse died yesterday and she was one of the
    most unique mice ever. I love her so much. my heart is broken 🙁 

  24. Bluebox87
    | Reply

    Tiny hamster orgy…I mean tiny hamster pool party.

  25. Frank Farmer
    | Reply

    That was damn cute, especially the hats. But the big one on the left was a
    guinea pig, not a hampster (and curiously, guinea pigs are neither from
    Guinea nor pigs). We’re vegetarians, but our pets always seem happy with
    Thanksgiving treats, especially the mushroom stuffing.

  26. kristien marie petersen
    | Reply

    Hold me closer tiny hamster

  27. Brittany Davis
    | Reply

    Omgosh!! :D

  28. Luigi Bianco
    | Reply

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  29. Aiden Floyd
    | Reply

    109 people dislike cute animal thanksgivings >:(

  30. PachirisuPlusEmolga
    | Reply

    Words cannot express how insanely cute this is.

  31. PixelPercent
    | Reply


  32. B Schlough
    | Reply

    It’s just like how it happened in 1621!

  33. zulily
    | Reply

    *Tiny hamster Thanksgiving is the best Thanksgiving.* And oh, the tiny

  34. Jenny Blue
    | Reply

    A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving (Ep. 4)

  35. Miss Amanda's world
    | Reply

    Just reassire me that that’s foe turkey made out some vegtable or grain. As
    the creatures don’t eat meat.

  36. Amber Amber
    | Reply

    Crime-Going on the Internet.
    Sentence-Overdose of CUUUUUTE!!!!

  37. Shane Maynard
    | Reply

    White people have way too much time on their hands

  38. UlTrAXcH
    | Reply

    that guy has boobs bigger then most females

  39. jodynh
    | Reply

    Adorable! Our rodents have always gotten involved in the holidays. Guinea
    pigs got the peels from the yams, bits of celery, and pieces of fruit such
    as pears or apples. Rats and hamsters got yams, stuffing, pumpkin and
    pieces of buttered rolls. At Christmas, the rodents get to play in the
    tree. The rats and hamsters like to climb on the branches. The guinea
    pigs like to just hide in the tree and enjoy the scent of the evergreen

  40. Ellen Clayton
    | Reply

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    | Reply

    Have a plate of LOLs with a heaping side of funny.

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