A Question to PetLvr Readers ..

I ran into another couple last week that also had two pet dogs, a male and a female dog of the same breed, but not from same litter or breeder. That’s quite similar to what we have, being Maxxie and Sophie are our two Papillons that we got at different times from two different breeders.

Yawn .. We're Bored!

In our case .. Maxxie (on the right) is definately a “Mrs. HART’s Momma’s Boy” .. She may hang around me all day because I work out of my home, but he would rather hang out with my wife the rest of the day and night .. probably because growing up the two would go power walking more often without me, than with me.

Sophie on the other hand, (the one on the left), is definiately “Mr. HART’s Baby-Girl” .. and while she will hang out with anybody really, she really does prefer to hang out with me … probably because I have more tolerance and play with her more!

Well .. I mentioned that to this couple last week .. and it was EXACTLY THE SAME in their household.

So, for the past 7 days I have been asking couples with pet dogs two questions … feel free to post comments in this entry and let us know how it is in your family ..


(1) What type of dog do you have? (list all)

(2) Is the dog Male or Female? (list all)

(3) Who does your dog seem to bond with?

(post your answer in the comment section)

Now .. everyone in my circle of friends and clients seem to follow the same pattern as with us .. being that the male pet dog always seems to bond with the Alpha-Female of the house .. and the female dog seems to bond with the Alpha-Male in the house .. (or, beta-male .. right ladies? ;P)

Mighty Zeus - Watching Guard

I also asked the same question about cats .. but pretty much got the same answer that I expected .. just like with our Zeussie Pussy Cat shown above …

He’ll just bond with whoever is close enough to him, when it’s close to feeding time – who’s willing to pat him on his head – and if you don’t clean the litter frequently, he’ll try to bond with anybody walking down the stairs, by weaving in and out between your legs .. and trying to kill you! ! ! 😀

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