9.27.2007 – Video – New Hope Cattle Dogs Tribute

9.27.2007 Blogging For A Cause - Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse
This is one of many G-Rated animal rescue stories found on YouTube.com and and part of the 9.27.2007 Blogging Against Animal Abuse Campaign – PetLvr Videos. If you know of a worthy (and G-Rated) Pet Rescue video that showcases the positive results and efforts of volunteer individuals and organization who help stop animal cruelty and abuse … then, please forward this link to .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. with subject reference .. 9.27.2007

* From New Hope Cattle Dogs site

.. “whose mission is helping discarded, stray and unwanted Australian Cattle Dogs (ACD’s) that need a second chance at finding a forever home and providing education and training to the public”

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