8 Things Your New Hamster is Trying to Tell You: New Pet Tips by Petco

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Amélia Fagundes says:

    Cute video, but most of all, helpful! Thank you, Petco.

  2. The Creeper says:

    this video is helpful I’m going to follow the steps for my dwarf hamster
    because she is scared of me. [: 

  3. I think the way they store food is soo cute

  4. jamila bardales says:

    Omg.. I want a hamster!!!

  5. Bunny Lover says:

    i love your videos thanks so much for sharing them !!! could you please
    make more videos on ginuea pig rabbits and hamstewr ?

  6. BeautyByBridgette says:

    I bought one today! Thanks for the helpful information!

  7. Noah Dahling says:

    My hamster pssded away because she got sick while i was gone

  8. Viviana Burkat says:

    Good video. It is very helpful. Thanks <3 :)

  9. CatPlaysGames says:

    Wow, Petco, your channel is so awesome. Everyday i watch a video from you.
    Everyday i like your videos. Wow, how to you do it lol.
    By the way, i do games a lot so ignore my username.

  10. April McMahan says:

    could you make more about the big aquariums because im getting one for

  11. PBandShea says:

    Thank you so much for the steps, I feel like I can definitely take much
    better care of my hamster now that I have seen this, not that I don’t take
    good care of him now, I think I could improve! ;p

  12. icemilktea says:

    A very sweet n informative video :) thanks for the effort .I have a one
    year plus old pudding hybrid hamster :)

  13. Saga Sjöberg says:

    Thanks for the vid! Just got 2 adorble campbells today

  14. Sahar Elsayed says:

    Thanks, i love the vid and this will REALLY help. And i’ll remember to

  15. subal saha says:

    This video is so helpful thanku for making it!

  16. 3barrels 2hearts 1dream says:

    My hamster was in the video!!! OMG!!! For when they say the hamsters are
    nocturnal MINE WAS IN IT!!!!!

  17. carnivoreHAMSTER 21 says:

    The hamster at 0;13 is my hamster but I bought it at a store

  18. Thanks for le tips :)

  19. sara salinas says:

    I am getting a hamster for my son thanks for all the great tips

  20. Legowill105 says:

    This video is going to help me take care of my hamster named: Fuzzy 

  21. Daniela Am says:

    Super cute Hammies!!!!

  22. bacon rules says:

    Thanks for the info I’m getting a hamster tomorrow!

  23. 1:30 I thougt that that the hamster was. :’)

  24. marshmello355 says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  25. mattthefox1 says:

    i have a dwarf white snow hamster its so cute!

  26. XxChocolateSweetxX 312 says:

    Thanks! For This I Just Got My Hamster A Day Ago..

  27. This hamster is so cute!

  28. Sawyer's MC says:

    Love your videos do more I really like them☺

  29. Leila's Zoo says:

    Very good video! Impressive.

  30. Lps WolfPrincess says:

    I got my hamster today and i wanted to say :
    Thank you very much for the wonderfull tips!

  31. Mark The Great 21 says:

    Happy hamster day.

  32. zanetta mczorn says:


  33. Hamsters are great pets. We got my daughter one almost three years ago (yes
    he’s an old man now) and he’s been like part of the family. The cats still
    want to eat him though, lol.

  34. mattthefox1 says:

    I clean snowballs cage every two days :3

  35. Rainbow_Sparklez says:

    I have been asking my parents for a hamster for Christmas. They keep saying
    no :p I like the video!! 

  36. Keith Ader says:


  37. Kim Bong Un says:

    man. give name my good hamter . , thankyou :D

  38. Renee Groux says:

    Also at 1:28 there are Syrian hamsters living together witch is not the
    best option unless they are under 6 weeks but after that remove them
    seprate or they may fight :)

  39. Bella Boo says:

    What do hamsters do? 

  40. cute video

  41. MinerCaver 101 says:

    My goals In life:
    1. Get replied to by petco
    2. Be as awesome as them

  42. Nell Moloney says:

    The hamster at 0:17 is massaive..

  43. bootifulboo1164 says:

    I have a robo dwarf but she won’t chew her chew toys! She just chooses to
    chew on the cage wires…

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