8 Things You Wanted To Know About My Two Papillon Dogs But Were Afraid To Ask!

Well .. I’ve been tagged again for another meme .. by WildCatsThree in The Dog Log blog.

Here are the rules of the game:

* Link to your tagger and post these rules.
* List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
* Tag eight (8) people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
* Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Well .. WildCatsThree tagged this blog, and NOT me personally (HART) so .. I feel I can take this to mean 8 random facts about my dogs!

In case you were also wondering .. both of our dogs are purebreds. Maxxie is the larger dog, and actually oversized from the normal size of Papillon dogs. Sophie is the female dog, which are normally smaller than the normal male papillon dogs, so she looks small. But – don’t put these sizes out of mind. Sophie can take care of herself and actually considers herself to be the Alpha dog, even though she is the baby (or ‘Baby-Gurl’) of the pack!

So .. Let’s get this *party* started! For this Meme game .. and PS: it’s a pictorial!

1) Maxxie and Sophie Will Beg For Vegetables!

Every day my wife and I have either salad or steamed vegetables for dinner, and day Maxxie and Sophie want some carrots, or asparagus, or cauliflower, or broccoli or red peppers, or green peppers, or orange peppers or yellow peppers or … well .. even meat or fish added to the salad, croutons and well .. I think you get it!

2) Maxxie and Sophie Will Dance For Iam Tartar Treats!

They love to dance for those tartar treats .. and for those DentaBones .. and DentaStix .. and milkyBones .. and well, you know!

3) Sophie Loves Her Soccer Ball Toy!

Sophie can actually fall asleep holding her SoccerBall Toy or her FootBall Toy in her mouth … I guess it just helps keep her head up at a nice level to fall asleep!

4) Maxxie and Sophie Can Rollover On Command!

Both Papillons will do it forever – if treats are involved – but, are good for a couple anyway before they will rather run away or get distracted.

5) Maxxie and Sophie Have Super Smell!

Sometimes, when I go to my folks place (without Maxxie and Sophie) .. and I know this might sound bad – but, I actually rub my folks little dog, Cousin Sammi, all up and down my pant leg .. just to see if my dogs notice! I think they know EXACTLY where I’ve been .. and, there usually is some treats after that coming for my teasing them 🙂


6) Maxxie Is A Great Athlete!

While Sophie is the “Soccer” and “Football” athlete in the family .. Maxxie is the one training for the dog olympics (okay. Maybe not :D) But, in his younger years, we took Maxxie to Agility Classes .. which was about 10 classes in a gym with a whole bunch of other dogs during the first two winters of his life. We never did that for Sophie, although in hindsight we wish he had taken the time to socialize her more in her first year of life. In Agility class, Maxxie would go so fast .. that if you didn’t keep up – he would look back and bark at his master/trainers to “hurry up” .. which, was quite cute and funny and ended up slowing us down! Everytime there is a “local fair” or “dog days” or “dog party” .. they usually put up a little course for the little doggies, and Maxxie always wants to go through the course.


7) Sophie Likes To Lie In Bed and Relax Just Like Me!

I work at home. My wife leaves every morning at the same time and comes home pretty much at the same times each night. Our dogs have some type of internal clock in them, and usually lie around until about 11am and then get restless, by wanting to go out .. trying to get me to go out and give them treats if I go out .. or want me to play with them .. or “beat them up” .. (flip them on the bed) .. or play fetch. Sounds like fun! But, when you are working all day – it gets tiresome having them LOOK at you with THOSE PUPPY EYES wanting to play! So, I find that if I *don’t* make the bed in the morning .. Sophie will find some part of the blanket to bury under, and sleep all day — that is, until I make the bed or my wife comes home!


8 ) Maxxie and Sophie Get Xmas Presents Like Everybody Else!

Ok. I confess. It’s me! I buy all the pets in our families Stocking “MunchyBone” Stuffers! After many many years, everybody just gets over it and accepts it – that, my favorite pets Maxxie and Sophie (and everybody else’s pet) get some ‘sugar-candy’ munchy bone treats 🙂


BONUS: Other Information About Maxxie and Sophie

As I mentioned earlier, both of our dogs are registered purebreds. We got them both around 8-9 weeks old.

Sex – MALE
Born – APRIL 27, 1998
Markings – TRICOLOUR

Registered Name – SOPHIE TO THE TOUCH
Born – July 20, 2002
Markings – TRICOLOUR

Now The Best Part

Here is the part where I TAG 8 unsuspecting people and hope they play, in good spirit, and keep this meme alive! And, for my random picks … I thought I would randomly pick 8 friends of WildCatsThree’s Blog Catalog friends! with PETS as part of their Avatar!

And The Lucky Winners Are ….

* JohannTheDog
* chimommy
* Antonette
* RachelAndDogs
* daisythecurlycat
* jazevvox
* tikirob
* MistyDawn

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6 Responses

  1. Daisy the Curly Cat
    | Reply

    Maxxie and Sophie are so cute! Agility looks like a lot of fun. I wish I could get an Agility course for cats. Thanks for tagging me! I did this Meme a couple of weeks ago (I have actually done it a couple of times). But I will give you a bonus fact about me, just for you:
    I have many, many cute outfits and I have my very own closet to keep them in! I am almost out of closet space, too.

  2. Chris
    | Reply

    Great article on your dogs. I loved the pics and getting to know more about them. I have the same problems with my 2 when I’m trying to work from home. My chihuahua Rosie can usually be found on my lap as I type, except when she’s bugging for treats. Abby’s a little more sedate at 9 years old, but still has her times to bug too. I’m glad I tagged you and learned more about your “family.”

  3. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    thanks daisy & chris 🙂

    I had fun with this meme. I’ve got soooooo many pictures on my hard drive that I have yet to blog about. I guess I should be uploading them to FlickR or something

  4. Tikirob
    | Reply

    Awsome! Thanks!

  5. Clement
    | Reply

    Now I know your pappilon dogs better than before.Have a great time there in Winnipeg.Somebody told that it is very cold that side in winter such the city has been nicknamed “Winter Peg”

  6. Marco & Maria
    | Reply

    Hello. We have three year old male papillon and we have been thinking getting a papillon phalene in addition.

    Riley is a great dog, well behaved and loving.

    Our concerns are if they will get along well.

    Can you give us some tips or advise on getting a female or male or any other tips to help the acceptance of the family member by the offed dog.

    Thank you.

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