7 Ways To Train A Rat To Play Basketball

Here are 7 different ways you can train your rats to play basketball. Each method may be harder or easier for some rats and trainers. Anyway, hope this is helpful and that you enjoy!

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9 Responses

  1. My Pets
    | Reply

    aww so precious!!

  2. cl-glitter edits
    | Reply

    Will this work on mice? I have 2 adult females and 4 babies (the babies are about a month old) and no matter how hard I try they never want to listen. I try to give them peanut butter and follow your instructions but it fails every time πŸ™ Any tips?

  3. Twix the Mouse
    | Reply

    This is a very helpful vid

  4. John Ernest
    | Reply

    I have one of 4 girls and the one likes to leave my couch when I'm not looking and thinks it's fun to run around the house. When she leaves the couch I put her back into the cage for a time out. She seems to know that leaving the couch means going back to the cage but can't resist doing it again and again but less frequent. The other 3 girls never leave. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!!

  5. Cookies Channel
    | Reply

    Help please, my rat is 2 months old, she does not want to pay attention to anything, I do not eat what kind of food she can interest, she always runs around, does not sit still, how should I be ?!

  6. Shirina&Melina
    | Reply

    Tolles Video😍❀

  7. Dev Wheeler
    | Reply

    Why have rats???? All they do is eat and shit all over your House.

  8. Cherry The Rat
    | Reply

    Very good video

  9. Kanekis Ehefrau
    | Reply


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