7 Ways To Cure Your Dog’s Housetraining Problem

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Dog Training Video – Discover 7 housetraining secrets expert dog trainer Eric Letendre uses to cure tough housetraining issues. This informitive dog training video offers useful and easy to apply dog training tips. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at: www.amazingdogtrainingman.com

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25 Responses

  1. jway1034jway
    | Reply

    Thanks for all the great tips. I am getting an Australian Cattle dog this Saturday and your videos are very helpful. I appreciate it. I noticed at the end of one of you videos you gave a number to call and it was the same area code as mine and then just read you were from Massachusetts. I live on Cape Cod (Marstons Mills), are you close by?

  2. eclipz0
    | Reply

    I have a Kelpie, which is used as a cattle dog in Australia – Where i live.

  3. MizzPolson
    | Reply

    For the first week or so, bring you dog out a few times a day or whenever you see that they’re sniffing around in the house. Sniffing around and cirlcing are cues that they need to go. While they are doing that outside, say your key-word. I use “go pee” or “go potty”. Stop saying it when they do it and then when they’re done, reward lol. Look at Eric’s different vids. He’s explained this before.

  4. MizzPolson
    | Reply

    Eric, I thought you said that you shouldn’t use the term “Hurry Up” because it’s associated with daily life? “Hurry up, you’re going to miss the bus!” and etc?

  5. sweetlocket
    | Reply

    I have a chi and I love him and everything but this seems to be the hardest thing for him to understand and I pass frustrated. I bought him pads to go on and he urinates on them faithfully! but he will not poop on it. I talk to the vet about this and I was told that it was normal and they might not in the same place. Well, he needs to go in the same place. We are renting and he cant continue to go just anywhere on the carpet he pleases.

  6. nikenna
    | Reply

    Wonderful advice..used it for my puppy and IT WORKED!!!!!

  7. nikenna
    | Reply

    Thanks Eric!!!

  8. kittymaf
    | Reply

    my cocker spaniel is now house trained thanks to u

  9. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    Brilliant tips on house training Eric! You cleared every doubt about house training that was on my head with this video!

  10. cutegirlyep
    | Reply

    cool one question how to do you train ure dog to give u a sign or ring the little bell when they got to go?

  11. leolove816
    | Reply

    Put a bell on your door to the outside, and take them to it before you take them out. Take their paw at ding the bell as your taking them outside. They will learn to associate the sound with going out. (make sure its low enough for them to reach)

  12. winniekepala
    | Reply

    Excellent video. My dog is no longer a puppy and due to past training mistakes, he is afraid to go in front of us, as you mentioned. He doesn’t like to be watched and won’t pee/poo in public. How do I correct this now?

  13. KNCunsafesolid
    | Reply

    hey eric i have one question. how can i teach my dog to touch the bell when it needs to go pee or poo outside? can you reply ASAP plz or make a video? thx

  14. MDelaney89
    | Reply

    do puppy pads work? i also heard u can train dogs to go in the litter box if so how do u do it?

  15. xLOLproductions
    | Reply

    One of my friends has one. she has 4 little dogs and They work fine with her.

  16. W33Dblazer
    | Reply

    wen my dog messes up in the house, i jus push his nose into it and then take him out… my friend suggested i do that cuz thats how he trained his pup wich is perfectly fine

  17. rlholo
    | Reply


  18. TheLineman73
    | Reply

    So when they go in the house you make a loud verbal sound and take them out?

  19. xiaughn71
    | Reply

    sounds usefull will try

  20. itsjustbibi
    | Reply

    How do I teach my dog to ring a bell when he has to go??? I want to get a puppy soon and i want to know how to teach him to go to the bathroom outside properly.

  21. mothtoto17319892941
    | Reply

    so the dog pees on the spot that was pee, but is now ammonia???

  22. hulagirrrl
    | Reply

    Aloha and thanks for the great video. So, I just adopted a really sweet Whippet from the humane society. He is fun and nice but… I walk and walk and he will NOT use the outdoors. As a matter of fact I noticed that when we get close to home he starts pulling to get home, once at home if I turn he will go right there in the house. Why would he not use the outdoors and just wait until we get back home?? I am about to go crrrrazzzy. Does anyone have any tips?

  23. Glassblower718
    | Reply

    good job !!!

  24. alofano
    | Reply

    Good video. Good guy. I saw most of Eric’s videos and I find them to be very helpfull. Thank you Eric.

    PROBLEM HERE : I am trying to house train my 9 week old pup. This is turning to be a very un-pleasant experience. I need help ! What I mean by house training is that my goal is to have my dog do his thing in ONE specific area in the house, with those pee-pee pads. I have even tried “Hunter’s Pet trainer spray”. No luck here. HELP is very much welcome. Thanks.

  25. alofano
    | Reply

    @alofano PLEASE HELP ME, … ANYBODY ?

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