5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Under Control!

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13 Responses

  1. Riyeng's Ent.
    | Reply

    What to do if your puppy is tooooo clingy that if you are going to take her in a walk, she cluthes my feet

  2. FrapFlap Gaming
    | Reply

    When it comes to training a puppy I see you always talk about about controlling their environment and you usually do that by keeping them in a leash but what if you your puppy absolutely hates the leash and all they do is tug at it and it ends up being counter productive

    | Reply

    Love his training style, energetic and fun. I trained my dog using most of his techniques! I posted a video about my dog, check it out and tell me what you think 🙂

  4. Nouf the Best
    | Reply

    Can you please make a video of everything I should do for a teacup puppy…BTW I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  5. maggie pickholtz
    | Reply

    hey Zac I have a 11 month Shi Zu and one of her puppies the puppy is being trained with no problem but she is taking some time and doesn't want to train and acts more like a 3 month old puppy any tips on how to get her focused

  6. Desiree Walker
    | Reply

    Could you make a video about nail trimming? I have an idea about how to use positive reinforcement with the trimmer and feet touching but seeing an example would be so extremely helpful!

  7. Cdubs Fitness
    | Reply

    Hi zac. I recently bought a completely blind great dane puppy, I’m having some problems with training her, any tips?

  8. Devesh Bhardwaj
    | Reply

    So cute dog

  9. Albino-Rat-4-You xx
    | Reply

    My dog is so protective of me, she bites people that come close to me, her mom and her dad were my moms dogs, when KHLOE was born she was the runt, nobody wanted her so my mom let me have her I’ve been with her her entire life, she follows me everywhere, when I leave the house, she stares out the window saying “why are you leave by me ?” So she’s very protective and she bites nice people, and when we go on walks, her hair sticks up, and she starts growling and barking, she thinks they’re going to hurt me but I know they won’t. How do I make her less vicious?

  10. snoflaked
    | Reply


  11. YouTube Watcher
    | Reply

    Help!!! So I’m going to buy a 8 week old Havanese male puppy. I connected his play pen and cage together so at night he can sleep then walk around in his playpen. But I’m not sure if I should let him have this. Please help me

  12. Pelja
    | Reply

    I get the crate, but i really dont get the gate thingy – wouldnt dog just jump over it to get where it wants? Explain me, please.

  13. Red Boi
    | Reply

    Zak could you please do a video on a chow chow puppy

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