Fun things to do with your hamster.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. HoppingHammy says:

    This video deserves so many thumbs up for the work and effort you put into
    it. <3 I love the cute hamster footage and creative ideas you have. I
    couldn't agree more with point #3!! Yessss. :D

  2. Sundae Rouge says:

    Oooo I’ve missed your videos
    Omg lately I had to get food for the hamster and they ran out so I bought
    them these other ones but I was already concern about it cause I don’t want
    to ruin there eating habits. They didn’t even eat all of it just some and
    Robin and snowball kept fighting alot D; I was like omg noooo. Why are you
    guys fighting. Later on I got them there food they ate it. I was happy and
    so were they.
    I feel like my hamsters are bored D; gotta interact with them. Plus taming
    them is hard q.q they always run away. When I’m near the cage they smell me
    and get close like who is this creature? And when I place my hand inside
    they smell it and run off. D; 

  3. eXtremeColors488 says:

    Lovely video! I’ll definitely try out some of the suggested activities!
    Happy New Year 2015!! :D xoxo

  4. Thebunnyshed1 says:

    Fabulous video joy, eeks so so many adorable hamster clips ❤ 

  5. LeoBubbles03 says:

    Great ideas! Quick Question. Do you recommend taming 2 robo’s at the same
    time in the same box/ bath

  6. IHeartHammy says:

    Lovely video!!!! I like the photoshoot idea! And the hamster pizza!!! Who
    doesn’t love pizza!!! Hehe :D <3 xx

  7. TotallyPets says:

    Great video <3
    I don't have a hamster anymore
    But I enjoyed the video still :) 

  8. Lovely Hammys says:

    What an amazing video! So creative and adorable!!! Amazing ideas also!!!!

  9. OverAGlassWall says:

    Yay i was hoping for a new video from you. Could you talkabout differences
    between male and female hamsters some time?

  10. CJ101SCOOBY202 says:

    Great video Joy! This was edited so well and very informative! x

  11. youtube user says:

    Joy you wouldnt believe what i dreamed last night! I dreamed that you had
    adopted 2 guinea pigs and that the guinea pigs scaped to pets at home and
    some how it turned into petco so you had to travel to the US to get them XD
    LOL! weirdest dream ever… but im glad you’re back :)

  12. theBinkyBunBun says:

    Love the ideas! Great video :) the photoshoot was so adorable and so was
    the pizza haha

  13. RetroBubble says:

    Great video Joy! Can’t wait to try some of these things with my hamsters!

  14. MsPipStick says:

    Great video so cute! *ErinsAnimals :P*

  15. PinkyPieHamster says:

    Really good tips and the hammies are adorable. Love your video. I love
    robo’s. (:

  16. lovinghammy says:

    Very cute and creative video :))

  17. Rainbowhamster39 says:

    Great video joy very helpful 

  18. mary Elhaj says:

    Hey I was wondering what hamster food do u reccomend for hamsters? :) 

  19. Audrey Stenaka says:

    Nice A.V. work JG!

  20. Hamstermart says:

    These were such great ideas. I’m getting a new hamster today!! And I’m
    gonna try some of these ideas thank you 

  21. Hamsters 205 says:

    How do you film and edit your videos? They look so cool!

  22. Snuggle Buggle says:

    Very cute ideas

  23. These are all wonderful ideas, Joy. Happy (late) new year.Hope your 2015 is
    full of life and creativity. Love your channel so much. Your robos are
    natural models . Again Happy New Year

  24. CherryPopC says:

    Help! I have the original color of Syrian, and he wants out of his cage :”(
    He has many toys :”( help PLEASE!! Please, actually reply.. I never get
    replies.. I beg you, reply!!! 

  25. KimmieGreen17 says:

    I like to do all those things too with my two hamsters ^^ Great video Joy!

  26. Paula vdG says:

    (…)And have your hamster crawl all over you(…)


  27. Hammy craze says:

    I love this video

    P.s. Erins hamsters has changed her name to Erins animals

  28. Lucys Petcare says:

    lovely ideas might try a few :)

  29. Pickles N. Cheese says:

    “Gimme the seeds!” xD 2:08 is so funny! :o) Great quality, helpful
    video!!! Happy New Year!! :D 

  30. Hamster Swagger says:

    Really great idea and very helpful video. Fun to watch specially “where’s
    my dinner?” Haha! So good.

  31. Mitchell Mdl says:

    What type of hamster is this

  32. HamsterHows says:

    Cute video and nice ideas. Thanks! :)

  33. Budgie/Hamster World says:

    +joy georgina Hey, great ideas :) 

  34. MiasPets20 says:

    Lovely video! This will for sure help me!

  35. Fuzzy Dot says:

    Thanks for the ideas :)

  36. AbbysAnimalCare says:


  37. magenta_lol says:

    Love this ❤❤❤❤

  38. Awesome Animals says:

    I wish my Dad would let me get a hamster. It is actually starting to get
    depressing :( I have wanted one for so long. I’ve tried everything. Writing
    a paper. Asking. Showing him funny videos of hammys. Taking care of my
    current pet. I just don’t get it. )-; Anyone have advice? I will try
    anything!!! Pleaseeeee!?

  39. Kitten123 Skye says:

    IM SO GLAD YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of these fun things
    seem great! i really want a tank for my hamster, but my dad wont let me
    because he said that they would NOT have good ventalation and circulation.
    IKR! ?!?!?!? um ok dad! lol! great video :D your one of my fav YTers! Oh
    and your hamster is sooooooooooooooo cute! i have a black bear syrian!

  40. Samantha Barrett says:


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