4 Tips To Get Your Cat to Go on a Walk With You

If you’re a dog owner, you are used to taking Fido out for a stroll, but a new trend is throwing felines into the mix. According to Michael Morefield of the Arizona Animal Welfare League, taking your cat out isn’t just about getting a breath of fresh air, it gives them physical exercise and mental stimulation. Holly Morgan shows us four tips to get your cat out of the house.

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22 Responses

  1. Stephano
    | Reply

    I'm starting my cat young with collars. Leashes. Training. And walking. To avoid this

  2. William Murray
    | Reply

    maybe you would find it easier walking if you wore slacks that weren't painted on your FAT ASS !

  3. kit kat kitty
    | Reply

    My cats name is coco toooo!!!

  4. 62BOLARO
    | Reply

    I bought this exact harness and my kitty got out of it when he was scared and ran away . He is back thank god but now I don't trust harness anymore. Is there a harness that no cat can get out of?

  5. iMobile Providence
    | Reply

    When i buy a harness ima try to teach her how to go on a walk

  6. iMobile Providence
    | Reply

    I haven't bought a harnes yet

  7. sdq sdq
    | Reply

    those that get cats are lazy to walk , like dogs

  8. alex black
    | Reply

    My cat only eat treats nothing else

  9. Mouse Trap
    | Reply

    Ummm it's not a trend

  10. Marie-Claire Ording
    | Reply

    I can see that the harness is not put on properly on the cat by how the front straps impede his walking! Please check online how to properly adjust this particular type of harness at https://www.petsafe.net/learn/how-to-walk-your-cat-its-easier-than-you-think!

  11. Green Tea
    | Reply

    My cats's name is Coco too..😐

  12. Traveler's Garden - Der Garten der Reisenden
    | Reply

    The harness doesn't look good, seems that it doesn't fit at all & is just in the way. The harnesses for my cats look totally different & don't restrict the front part of the cat so much…they walk completely relaxed in those on our walks.

  13. Nevaeh Johnson
    | Reply

    I have a cat and my dad's friend tried to let it go by putting her out of my yard and instead of her running away she ran into my house and she ran under my dads bed eventually she came out and ran in my room.

  14. Maria Da Silva
    | Reply

    Ha trick them with a treat my cat is too smart for that

  15. Xartim
    | Reply

    Everytime we bring out the harness our cat comes running and waits 1 cm from the door. he knows whats up, its time to go out hunting!

  16. Epitome
    | Reply

    My cat has never left home and Ive been wondering whether train my cat to go out with a leash or not. What im scared of is that she will start leaving on her own if i teach her outside is fine. Do cats start leaving on their own ?? Please someone help

  17. Who_Am_i 33589
    | Reply

    This video doesn't show all the steps so here you go.
    Step 1. Let the cat smell the harness first.
    Step 2. Gently put the harness on the cat and let it get used to the harness. Do this for a few days.
    Step 3. After that then hook the leash of the harness and just let the cat be. Don't pick up the leash!
    Step 4. After all this you should be able to pick up the leash and walk with the cat, if the cat is just standing there and your trying to walk then gently tug the leash and that should get there attention.
    Step 5. Move on to training your cat to walk short distances outside and as the days go by make the walks a bit longer.
    I hope you and your cat are happy :).
    Ps, you might need treats to bribe your cat 🐱 🐱 🐱

  18. It’s Lowkey Me
    | Reply

    Thanks this was really helpful!!

    | Reply

    Spricht hier noch jemand Deutsch?

  20. Steven Maloney
    | Reply

    Coco is cute! I'm sure he'll be super stoked for walks once the harness is a bit more tight .

  21. SkyDrawz
    | Reply

    Super Helpful! Trying to get my little kitten Yoshi out, but he doesn't really like the harness that much. 🙂

  22. شيلات 3343uae
    | Reply

    no coments?

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