4 Things That WILL Train Any Dog 80% Faster

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

25 Responses

  1. AG SHOT
    | Reply

    when should i start my gsd puppy training

  2. Naleah Ray
    | Reply

    Zak, I just need to say THANK YOU! Two weeks ago I adopted an XL American Bully who is now 10 weeks old (and almost 30 pounds). Her biting and barking was getting so out of hand, we got close to rehoming her. After watching your videos, you've given me hope and guidance. I'm confident she's capable of being a great dog, all thanks to you. Please continue to make these videos, they're so beyond helpful!

  3. bacon not cripy
    | Reply

    i was so confused for the first minute

  4. German Shepherd Daphne
    | Reply

    👍👍👍🐶🐶🐶I've been watching ALL your videos for my German Shepherd puppy, she's actually learning FAST Thank you! If you got a chance take a look. https://youtu.be/if0ykyqnNzM

  5. borny hitch
    | Reply

    is this some sh1tty 90's ad? xD

    | Reply

    I need help my 5 month old golden retrievers dong come to their name,should i rename them or is it too late?

  7. martijn postelmans
    | Reply

    Can you make a video about car anxiety? 🤞

  8. MacKenzie Riley
    | Reply

    I have a question.
    So I just rescued this 7 week old puppy German Shepherd about a week ago. She’s very underweight, anemic and has many other issues like worms. I’ve taken her to the vet and she’s going to okay. My question is I’ve been trying to potty train her but because of everything that’s going on with her she doesn’t always feel that well and I was wondering if you though it would be a good idea to have her in a puppy diaper just until she feels better and her poop becomes more soiled.
    P.S I really love ur Chanel and just bought your book can’t wait to start learning and training with my new pup. 🐶

  9. Mina L
    | Reply

    Why did he lounge at the dog passing by and he had his hackles up? I mean, why did you say it's okay? That seems a bit aggressive/reactive, especially for a puppy that's 6 months old.

  10. Lady Anastasia
    | Reply

    Hello. I really want to know if it's a good idea to feed my puppy kibbles in the morning and homemade food at evenings.. Thank you

  11. DawnD
    | Reply

    At what age should the puppy be to start a puppy class?

  12. American Akita Fudge
    | Reply

    Paw love 💕

  13. Mike Pressler
    | Reply

    Want to be a great trainer, get a Malinios… I thought I was a great trainer… Then I got a Huskey

  14. Yehya Mougharbel
    | Reply


  15. ATR
    | Reply

    Zak, you are the man. Love you.

  16. Ron Weeks
    | Reply

    Great video, could have done without conding the rape of cows in the beginning though lol.

  17. lola
    | Reply

    I have a 11 week puppy. Got him at 10 weeks old. After a couple days our house i noticed that i peed on his bed. Now a couple of days later its even worse. Was out with him 45 min, the instant we got inside he goes peeing on his blanket. Any suggestens there?

  18. David Eades
    | Reply

    4 things that will train any dog 80% faster….
    1. Dont listen to Zak George
    2. Dont listen to Zak George
    3. Dont listen to Zak George
    4. Dont listen to Victoria Stilwell and Zak George.

    Job done 😉

  19. Super Astonished
    | Reply

    I like this

    | Reply

    Please make a vedio on dashhund

  21. Mabel Daily
    | Reply

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! I have to remember to use that term with my Frenchie 😂😭😭

  22. A.C. Gaming
    | Reply

    No one:

    Zak: This video is sponsored by petflow. Pet Food automatically shipped to your doorstep.

    | Reply

    Lol, the first video part, that's so funny, am bursting with laugh!

  24. All for Dogs
    | Reply

    Dogs are love❤

  25. ILoveMyDog
    | Reply

    …. I truly watch your videos for the possibility of seeing Indy 😍😍😍😍

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